Animal Tissues

Subject: Biology

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Animal tissue

A multi-cellular animal is composed of differention of cell the cells are different in origin structure and function a group of cell which are similar to origin and function is called tissue Learn More

Epithelial Tissue -1

It is introduction to Epithelium tissue ectodermal , mesodermal , endodermal in origin, covers the body surface. Cillia ,flageela Transitional epithelium it is 2-6 cell thick.basement membrane absent. it occers in the area where stretchings is reqired or flexn and extension and Stratifed epithelium the epithelial layer is more than 6 cells thick epithelium, basement membrane is present but are single Learn More

Connective tissue -1

Connective tissue are mesodermal in origin and have binding along with supports body parts and are of four types.Mucous connective tissue this types of tissue the matrix is jelly like , semi-solid, called Wharton’s jelly examples Cock’s comb , virous humar and umbilical cord. Learn More

Muscular Tissue-1

Muscular tissue helps in the movement and are the fundamental unit of life with are further of 3 types striped , smooth and cardic and Striated muscles muscles fibres are cylindrical and has one or more than one nuclei also myofibrils posses alternate dark and light bands Learn More

Nervous Tissue-1

Nervous tissue are purly ectodermal in origins first appers in members of coelentreta and are unipolar and are further divided in further types. Astrocytes, Microglia and Oligodendrocytes are the important structure. Learn More

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