Reflection at Plane and Curved Surfaces

Subject: Physics

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Reflection of Light at Plane Surface

This note provides us an information about the reflection of light at plane Surface . The branch of physics which deals with the phenomena of light is called optics. A ray of light is the path along which the lights travel. That is, the ray of light gives the direction along which the light energy travels. Rays are visible. Learn More

Real and Virtual Images and Curved Images

This note provides us an information about real and virtual Images and curved Images , A virtual image of an object can be located by the method of no parallax ,There are two types of curved mirror they are concave and convex lens . Learn More

Relation between R and f

This note provides us an information about relation between R and f , In the special type of mirror ,pole centre of curvature ,principal axis ,principal focus ,focal length,aperture are used,concave and convex are two different type of mirror . Learn More

Mirror Formula for Concave and Convex Mirror

This note provides us information about mirror formula for concave and convex Mirror .An expression showing the relation between object distance, image distance and focal length of a mirror is called the mirror formula . Learn More

Parabolic Mirror and Magnification

This note provides us an information about the parabolic mirror and magnification .Parabolic Mirror a mirror which has the reflecting surface in the shape parabola is called is called the parabolic mirror. As the mirror can converge accurately a wide parallel beam of light at the focus, it is used in the searchlight. The intensity of the reflected beam is thus undiminished at a long distance. These mirrors have no spherical aberration. Learn More

Images Formed by Concave and Convex Mirrors and Determination of Focal Length

This note provides us an information about Images formed by concave and convex mirrors and determination of focal length .miorror is verry usefull thing . Learn More

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