Kinetic Theory of Gases

Subject: Physics

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Kinetic theory of gases

This note provides us an information on Kinetic theory of gases . A gas consists of a large number of molecular which are in continuous random motion. These molecules are far apart from each other that their average separation is much greater than the diameter of each molecule. Learn More

Average Kinetic Energy per Mole of the Gases and Root Mean Square Speed

Root mean square speed of gas molecule is a square root of mean square of velocities of all gas molecules. This note provide us an information on average kinetic energy per mole of the gases and root mean square speed Learn More

Derivation of Gas Laws from Kinetic Theory of Gases

This note provides an information on the derivation of gas laws from the kinetic theory of gases Boyles law from the kinetic theory of gases ,Charles law from the kinetic theory of gases and Dalton's law from the kinetic theory of gases . Learn More

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