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Variation with Vapour Pressure with Volume

Water vapour condenses from the saturated air and saturation varies with temperature. So cooling down a sample air often results in condensation of water molecules. The formation of clouds and rain is governed by these effects. Actually, the boiling point of a liquid depends on the external pressure over its surface. The liquid boils at a temperature when its saturated vapour pressure is equal to the external pressure. Learn More

Triple Point and Humidity

This note provides us an information about Triple Point and Humidity . In triple point the vaporization curve, fusion curve, and sublimation curve intersect and humidity is two type ,Relative Humidity, and Absolute humidity . Learn More

Hygrometer and Weather Phenomenon

This note provides us an information about Hygrometer and Weather Phenomenon . A hygrometer is a device which is used to measure the relative humidity of the air. A wet and dry hygrometer are the simplest of all the hygrometers. This note provides an information on hygrometer and weather phenomenon. When the temperature of the air falls below a dew point, the condensation, the weather exhibits many phenomena like the formation of dews, hail, cloud, rain, fog, mist etc. Learn More

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