Fundamental Electrostatic Phenomena

Subject: Physics

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Modern Theory of Electrification

Electric charge is the intrinsic property of a matter due to which it produces and experiences electrical and magnetic effects. This note provides us an information on the modern theory of electrification. Learn More

Charging a Body by Induction Method and Coulomb's Law

Coloumb's law states that "the force of attraction or repulsion between two charges is directly proportional to the product of charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them." This note provides us an information on charging a body by induction method and coulomb's law Learn More


An electroscope is an instrument which is used to detect the presence of charge and to determine the nature of the charge in a body. This note provides us an information on electroscope and its application Learn More

Biot's Experiments , Faradays's Ice Pail Experiment and Surface Density of Charge

The surface density of charge is defined as the amount of charge per unit area of a charged surface. It is denoted by σ. This note provides us an information on Biot's experiments , Faradays's ice pail experiment and surface density of charge. Learn More

Action of Points and Van de Graaff Generator

This note provides us an information about action of points and van de-Graaff generator The action of losing charged conductor due to its pointed ends is called the action of points. This note gives an information on the action of points and Van de Graaff generator. Learn More

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