Introduction to Mass Communication

Subject: Mass Communication

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Definition and Elements of mass communication. Communication, scope and function and Characteristics of communication. Types of media. Communication information andBrief historical  developmet of world  press with emphasis on history of mass media in Nepal.


Mass communication and Mass media

Mass communication is a process in which a person, group of people, or an organization sends a message through a channel of communication to a large group of people and organizations. Mass media include all forms of information communicated to large groups of people, from a handmade sign to an international news network. There is no standard for how large the audience needs to be before communication becomes "mass" communication. The various elements f the mass communication are : -Public -Media -Message -Sender -Marketing,Advertising and Public Relation Learn More

Concept, Scope, Function and Characteristics of Communication

Communication is the way or process in which the sender needs to encode the message and send it to the concerned person through communication. The scope of communication is wide and pervasive. The Human beings are somehow engaged in communication from cradle to grave. It includes staffing, directing, planning, organizing and controlling. Communication is necessary for the effective functioning of the organization. Learn More

Mass Media

The Media gives information and entertainment in the society. It may be newspapers,radio,or television and magazines,that reach or influence people widely. The latest but dynamic mass media is the internet. Some classify media as print media, electronic media, and internet. Learn More

Communication Information

Information is the fact provided about someone or something. It refers to the verifiable and reliable factual data about the world. It is any written document, material or information related to the functions and decision of public importance made by the public agencies. There are several processes of the information and they are : -Defining information need -Locating information sources -Selecting Relevant information -Organizing the selected information -Creating and sharing information -Evaluating information and its process Learn More

Historical development of World Press

The brief historical development of world press remains incomplete without traditional media. The World press institute was founded in 1961. It is the premier organization of World press. It is a private, non-profit organization which is supported by a wide range of foundations. As we know that every may 3 is celebrated as the fundamental principle of press freedom. UNESCO leads the worldwide celebration by identifying the global thematic. Learn More

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