Front Office Department

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Front office department is the first department noticed by the guest whenever they enter into the hotel. It is the department which it responsible for the sale of the hotel room through systematic method of reservation followed by registration.
Front Office Department

Front Office


Front office department is the first department noticed by the guest whenever they enter the hotel. It is the department which it responsible for the sale of the hotel room through a systematic method of reservation followed by registration. Revenue Collected from the sales of room contributes to more than 50% of the total hotel sales. The total hotel sales, the profit percentage from sales of a room is very high. Since this is the only department which has got a first and last point of a content of every within the hotel. So, the department is termed as image building. Its function as the "never center" the department also develops and maintain up to a database of guest, information, guest service and ensure guest satisfaction.

According to the famous hotelier Mr. EM. Starlet "The guest is always right “Which is the very baseline of thought that today every hotel. Front Office people and Operator thinks. The department which is located in the front of the house, as the name indicates is called a Front Office. Moreover, the office which is considered as "Shop Window" or a "Show Case" in a shop where a guest is checked in and out, guest personal expenditure account is maintained. Information and message are transferred are known as a front.

This department is the major source of guest information and is responsible is maintaining guest records. It is, therefore, the logical connecting link between the guest and the hotel management. The front office department in a hotel holds prime importance in view of the basic nature of business of establishment i.e. to sale room and collect revenue during arrival and departure of the guest. It has a complementary role of image building, as it is the first and last point of contact for every guest. Thus, the role of the front office is to reserve, receive, allocate rooms to guests and act as a continuous of information to guests thought the period of stay in the hotel.

Role of front office

  1. Reserving the room as per the request.
  2. Receiving guest and help them to complete the registration form.
  3. Providing the information to the guest and deals with mail message and phone call.
  4. Handel guest’s complaint and act accordingly.
  5. Prepare guest arrivals and departure lists.
  6. Handling and controlling guest rooms keys.
  7. Dealing with accidents and unseal events.
  8. Assigning room along with the keys to the guest.

Front Office System

Fig: Front Office System (

1. Non automated
It is run by the mechanical equipment such as reception and keys racks, paper files, manual keys, and all paper works. This system is mostly operated by the small category hotels and other business industries.

2. Semi automated
It is run by the machines such as room rack and key rack with light system, posting machines, ECR, typewriter, fax machine and other support devices, etc. This system mostly operated by medium category hotel and other accommodation industries.

3. Fully automated
It is fully run by the aid of modern computer system with the help of software this system has done away the room the room rack and guest rack. The computer terminal has replaced them with all the information of guest check-in and Check-out. It is equipped with a printer, telephone, the internet, credit card processor, voice mail/ message, room service alert, emergency siren,etc. This system is operated by the large hotels and other accommodation industries.

Organization Chart, Staffing and Job Description

Primary Functions of Front Office Department

  • Deal with room reservation request,
  • Prepare guest arrival and departure lists.
  • Check- in arriving guests.
  • Receive guest and help them to complete registration formalities.
  • Help in marketing and makes promotion strategies.
  • Deal with various inquiries and information of in-house and outside activities.

Duties and responsibilities of front office staffs


1. Front Office Manager
He is the department head for operation, as well as administrative function of the front office followings, are some of the duties and responsibilities of front office manager:

  • Responsible for all the staff to him.
  • Responsible for the discipline in the department.
  • Responsible for the hiring and firing of the staff.
  • Prepares the departmental budgets, target and revenue than from time to time.

2. Reservation Manager
He is responsible for preparing and maintaining reservation status for the property. He/she has following responsibilities

  • Responsible for the smooth functioning and discipline in his section.
  • Provide information to the top management on reservation status of the hotel.
  • Responsible for proper supervision of reservation system and provide correct information.
  • Responsible for training of the staff under him in the reservation system.

3. Lobby Manager

  • To come into the contact of the guest of a different personality.
  • To organize and supervise the uniform Staff or lobby staff.
  • To know the facilities provided to the guest hotel policies hotel terms and Condition, place of interest the city and another important event of the region.
  • Deals with complaints receive a suggestion from guest and pass it to the management.
  • To attend the room of VIP and welcome them at arrival in the lobby.
  • To attend the room of VIP and scanty baggage.
  • To pass credit bills in the absence of the Front office Manager.

4. Assistant Front Office Manager

  • To promotion of room sale and keep control over the reservation, reception, information and cashier activities.
  • To prepare duty roaster.
  • To prepare the budget and output report for each month
  • To ensure that no keys are missing to prevent security lapses.
  • To handle guest complaints.
  • To create successful guest relation.
  • To brief the staff speculated time.
  • To maintain a record of a houseguest.

5.Front Office Supervisor

He/she supervises and controls all sections of front office ensure its smooth and effective functioning as per the system and standard set by the management. The duties and responsibilities of front office supervisor are:

  • To conduct regular briefing of the Staff.
  • To prepare budget and output report for each month.
  • To check reservation, billing, rates on special request of the guest.
  • To check the position of the rooms and calculated properly.

6. Receptionist

  • To receive the guest promptly and assign them rooms.
  • To issue VIP amenities vouchers.
  • To calculated room availability and advice reservation.
  • To open guest folios and check the guest registration card.
  • To update room rack regularly.
  • To prepare room report and occupancy list.
  • To prepare to report on daily guest turnover and room status.

7.Reservation Assistant

  • To forecast room sale and occupancy levels.
  • To frame reservation and cancellation codes.
  • To give information to guest regarding an availability of accommodation.
  • To update status board and Whitney system of reservation control.

8. Front Office Cashier

  • To post vouchers into individual bills or guest folios and carry out all cash transactions and prepare the related documents.
  • To maintain cash register and petty cash flow.
  • To operate accounting machines and ensure its proper posting.
  • To note telephone meter reading on appropriate guest folios.
  • To look after safe deposit lockers (If maintain at the front office).
  • To coordinate between the front office and the cashier section avoid financial loss and ensure prompt payment to guest financial.

9. Night Auditor

The day‘s transaction and business Audit every night by the Night auditor. He undertakes the following jobs.

  • Verify all summaries, especially cashier summary.
  • Prepare a statement of bills.
  • Prepare and account for all city ledger or credit amount.
  • Prepare night auditor report.
  • Prepare debit voucher in case of short of cash received mistakes in billing by the staff.


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Things to remember
  1. Front office is located at the fore-front of any hotel.
  2. It is high traffic area located at the most visible part of business lobby.
  3. The impression created here can influence the entire stay of guest in the hotel.
  4. Front office comprise of varied sections for performing different functions.
  5. Revenue Collected from the sales of room contributes to more than 50% of the total hotel sales. 
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
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