Front Office Personnel and Rooms

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Front office personnel are the staffs of the hotel who directly deals with guests. Personal working in front office departments needs very special qualities. Sometime the image of the hotel depends upon his/her personal qualities .He/She has to work as a salesmanship, problem solver, and coordinates.
Front Office Personnel and Rooms

Attributes of Front Office Personnel

Attributes of front office
Attributes of front office

Front office personnel are the staffs of the hotel who directly deals with guests. Personal working in front office departments needs very special qualities. Sometimes the image of the hotel depends on upon his/her personal qualities. He/She has to work as a salesmanship, problem solver, and coordinates.

Attribute refers to the quality or feature, especially one that is considered to be good or useful. It plays a vital role to operate the front office organization efficiently. The special attributes may be useful in every walk of life. The attributes essential for the front office personnel are:

1. Personal hygiene

Personal refers to yours and no one else’s, and hygiene refers to the Study and practice of preventing illness or stopping it from spreading by keeping things clean. Hence, personal hygiene is the practice of keeping oneself neat and tidy meat at all times. This is essential to front office staff as they come in direct contact with guests. A clean and tidy appearance helps to project a good image, not only of oneself but of the hotel as well. Required personal hygiene can be achieved by adhering the following:

  • Taking bath daily.
  • Changing the undergarments after every bath.
  • Taking proper dental care.
  • Using proper body deodorant.
  • Washing hands after using the toilet / chemicals, smoking, etc.
  • Reporting any sickness to the concerned authority.

2. Calmness

Being the nerve center of the hotel, the front office is constantly in touch with guests, and therefore they invariably come under immense pressure. The guests always expect personalized service. Therefore, the front office staff should possess a high degree of tolerance and calmness.

3. Diplomacy

Often there are situations when a guest irate over something or the other. A diplomatic dealing helps in diffusing the explosive movement. A diplomatic approach is the only way by which the guest can be pacified.

4. Retention ability

Every human being is egoist by nature. A repeat guest will certainly expect that his/her name is remembered. Instead, if a guest is addressed with the wrong name or wrong pronunciation of his name, s/he may feel ignored /insulted. Therefore. It is essential that the front office representatives remember the names of repeat guests by their names. This positively adds to the guest experience.

5. Good manners

Hotel comprises of guests from different status and background. They are used to good manners and politeness. Wishing the guest the time of the day, saying 'Thank you' and anticipating the guest needs are basic etiquettes shown.

6. Cheerfulness

Guests always prefer to be handled by a cheerful staff at the front desk. Their smile, in turn, exudes cheer to the guests and puts them at ease. A pleasant smile communicates and inspires congeniality, respect, and comfort.

7. Problem solver

ln hotel, there comes many kinds of guests with different habits and attitudes. Hotels have to deal with them and front office is the point where staff and guests contact directly with each other. So, front office personnel should be able to solve any problem that may crises in the hotel being diplomatic and resourceful.

8. Reference point

Reservation, Registration, checks in and check out is not only the work of front office personal. Providing information, passing and receiving the message through telephone or personally are also the work of front office personal. So, they must be able to act as a reference point for passing or receiving information.

9. Personal grooming

Personal grooming can be achieved by being one's best self. One should always remember that one's last glance in the mirror is the guest's first glance. One should add here the following golden rules for proper grooming:

  • Uniforms must be clean, crisp and neatly ironed.
  • Hair should be short and properly set to give a soothing style
  • Nails should be manicured.
  • Shoes should be well polished.
  • Soft cologne should be used instead of strong perfume.
  • It is preferable for ladies to tie-up their hair to form a bun and wear low-heeled shoes.
  • Excessive jeweler among ladies should be restricted.

10. Coordinator
Coordination between the guest and the hotel as well as coordination with other outlets to provide better services to the guests important for front office personnel.

Types of Rooms

Rooms and Room symbols
Rooms and Room symbols
  1. Single room: A room with single size bed for single person.
  2. Double room: A room with double size bed with two people.
  3. Twin room: A room with two single sizes, spurted bed for two people.
  4. Suite room: A set of the room with parrot or sitting area.
  5. Duplex suite room: A types of suite room which are spread over two floors having a sitting room and bedroom and connected by a staircase.
  6. Studio room: A room with sofa cum bed which can be used for sleeping purpose.
  7. Triple room: A room with one double size bed and one single size bed, for there person.
  8. Interconnecting Room: A Room that is connected to another room with an internal door, without using main doors.
  9. Adjoining Room: A room that is situated side by side by side or joined together with a common wall.
  10. Canaan Room: Room attracted or near to swimming pool with one sofa cum bed, usually changing the purpose for a swim.
  11. Lanai Room: Room with balcony.
  12. Penthouse: A room located in tenancy of top floor of the hotel. It has an adjustable roof and one can have the full view of the sky.
  13. Presidential suite room: A types of room that provide various facilities to the guest like UIP, UVIP, etc. and have wider area room.

Room Symbol

Room symbol refers to the short form or code word used by the hotel staff to indicate the various rooms used by the guest and other possible room in order to make it simple and easy to understand. The symbol is generally used to the hotel staff and department. Following are some of the important code words.

Deluxe: DLXA

Standard: STD—C

Suite: SU

DBL: Double

Single: SGL

Pool side: PS

Ground Level: GL

Interconnecting: X

Mountain View: MV

Deluxe room with king size bed: AIK

Standard room with two twin beds: C2K

Out of order: OOO

Single Lock: S.L

Double Lock: DL

Nights: NTS

No. of guest: PAX

Types of Room Plan offered by Hotel

Room plan offered by hotel
Room plan offered by hotel

Room plans are the package of meals with accommodation offered by a hotel to the guests for their convenience. According to room meal package, the guests are informed to have the choice of meals and accommodation during their stay. The following room plans are offered to the guests by the hotels:

  1. European plan (EP): This plan includes the facilities of accommodation only. The meals are Charged separately from the room in this plan. It is popular among business clients.

  2. Continental plan (CP): This plan includes the facilities of the room and continental breakfast.

  3. Bed and Breakfast (BB): This plan includes the facilities of the room and any choice of breakfast.

  4. Modified American plan (FAP): This plan includes the facilities of room, breakfast, lunch and dinner. This plan is also known as half board or demi-pension. It is popular among groups.

  5. Full American plan (FAP): This plan includes the facilities of room, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is also known as full board/American plan (AP). It is also popular among groups.


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Things to remember
  1. Attribute refers to quality regarded as nature of somebody or somethings.
  2. Each job demands unique attribute to fit into that job.
  3. The attribute of front office personnel is highly demanding in comparison to other departments in the hotel.
  4. Room plan is only offered by the international tourist standard hotel. All the guests staying in the hotel fall under one or the other room plans.
  5. Personal hygiene is the practice of keeping oneself neat and tidy meat at all times. 
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.

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