Natural Resources of Nepal

Subject: Economics

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Water Resources, Forest Resources, Mineral Resources and Human Resources, Environmental and natural resources management for sustainable development and Problems of natural resources management,


Natural resources and water resources

Natural resources is the free gift of nature. These resources are given by nature in different names to the human beings. These resources are limited and it supplies does not increase along with the population growth. These are two types of natural resources, Renewable and Non-renewable. Learn More

Forest Resources

Among all the natural resources, forest resources stand in the second position for the economic development as well as to maintain environmental balance in Nepal. Nepal is rich in forest resource. There are several benefits of the forest resources and they are highlighted below: - Major source of Energy -Sources of Industrial Raw Material -Source of agricultural input -Employment opportunities -Sources of tourism Along with the various direct benefits of the forest resources it has got some indirect benefits as well and they are : -Soil and water conservation -Pollution Control -Ecological balance -Hydrological regulations Learn More

Mineral Resources

Mineral resources is one of the important natural resources. Gold, copper, coal, gas, limestone, etc which are found in the womb of the earth are called mineral resources. Learn More

Environment and Natural Resource Management

The environment is natural, it is known as all aspect of the surroundings comprising living and non-living things. It refers to the condition, circumstances and the surroundings of an organism or group of organism. Learn More

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