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Matter and Its Classification

Simply put, matter is anything that occupies space, has mass, and offers resistance. A matter is basically divided into physical and chemical groups. Chemistry is a branch of science that deals with properties, transformation, and composition of matter. A matter is anything that occupies space, has mass, and offers resistance. The amount of matter contained in a body is known as its mass. The force exerted by the gravitational force on an object is called its weight. Physically, matter is classified into three states: solid, liquid, and gas. Chemically, matter is divided into pure and impure (mixture) substances. Learn More

Separation Of Mixture

Mixtures can be separated into individual components by different processes. Methods of separation depend on the physical characters of individual components of the mixture. The process of separating an insoluble solid component from the liquid completely by passing through a porous membrane is called filtration. The process of converting solid substances directly into the vapour state without converting it into the intermediate liquid state by applying heat is called sublimation. Learn More

Atoms, Molecules, Valency and Radicals

Above we discuss basic information about atoms, molecules, valency, and radicals. This means an atom is unstable. For example- Hydrogen gas is the smallest molecule which is composed of two atoms of hydrogen. Similarly, Helium, Neon, Argon, etc. are examples of an atom. A molecule can be defined as the smallest particle of an element or a compound, which does not generally participate in a chemical reaction but has an independent existence. This means a molecule is stable. Learn More

Chemical Equations

Chemical equations are the short representation of the chemical change in which reactants and products are written in symbols (in the case of an element) and formula (in the case of a compound). Here, we learn about various topics related to chemical equations. Learn More

Chemical Reactions

Transformation of one kind of chemical substance into another kind of chemical substances having different properties is known as a chemical reaction. It is a chemical change which takes place by simple contact, heat, light, pressure etc. Any chemical change, which is represented by symbol and formula is known as a chemical equation. There are many types of chemical reactions and many factors that cause a chemical reaction. Learn More

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