Gaseous State

Subject: Chemistry

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Gaseous State

In the above note is information about the gaseous state of matter.The gas molecules neither have fixed shape nor have fixed volume both being determined by the volume of the container.The gas molecules have the very less intermolecular force of attraction because of large intermolecular space. Learn More

Introduction to Boyle's Law

This note is information about the Boyle's Law.It state that the pressure and volume have an inverse relation. With the increase in altitude, the pressure decreases which in turn increases the volume of the gas. Therefore, the size of air balloon goes on increasing as it ascends the height. Learn More

Introduction to Charle's Law

This note is information about the Charle's Law and the temperature increases, the gas becomes lighter and easily rises up by displacing atmospheric gas downwardly. These hot air balloons are used as transport and in various experimental observation Learn More

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