Chemical Arithmetic

Subject: Chemistry

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Introduction to Chemical Arithmetic

the above topic is defined as information about the chemical arithmetic. Atomic mass of an element is defined as the number which shows how many times an atom of an element is heavier than one – twelfth of the mass . It is the number of protons present in the nucleus of an atom Learn More

Empirical, Molecular Formula And Limiting Reagents

Percentage composition is the mass percentage of each constituent elements present in any compound. The empirical formula of a compound is defined as the simplest formula that shows the simplest whole number ratio of the different atoms present in one molecule of the compound. The molecular formula is defined as the symbolic representation of a molecular that shows the actual number of atoms present in that molecule of the compound. Limiting reagents is defined as the chemical reagent present in the reaction mixture which is in deficit and completely consumed at first during the chemical reaction. Learn More

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