Filing and Indexing

Subject: Business Studies

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Concept, Purpose, Importance, Quality and Types of Filing and Indexing.



A filing is a process of arranging and preserving original records or their copies in such a way that whenever needed, they could be located immediately. The filing is a process of arranging and storing records so that they can be located when required. The filing provides important files and documents which help in decision making, formulation of plans and policies and controlling the results.

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Types of Filing

A traditional filing system is an old method of keeping the record in a systematic manner. The traditional filing is mostly used in government organization to keep the records. There are different types of traditional filing system. They are: Wrapped up or Bundle Filing, Wire or spike filing, Cardboard filing, Pigeon hole filing and Box filing.

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Modern Filing System

The filing system has changed and improved considerably over time to meet the change in an office. The traditional filing system is not able to meet all the requirement so it has limited use in modern offices. So, the traditional filing system has been replaced by a modern filing system.

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Indexing is the sign, a symbol is a guide which indicates the exact location of the name of a person in a register, documents in a file, drawer or folder. It is used to provide information about chapter or topic books and word and meaning in the dictionary. Indexing helps in quick identification of files and document in the filing system of office. It not only helps in the quick location of the document but also helps in a systematic arrangement of a document in a file.

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Classification of Filing

The objective of filing is to preserve the records safely and systematically. So, proper classification is made to fulfill the objective. It is classified according to different headings under which the records are classified as per common characteristics. The process of keeping records on the basic of roman, Devanagari or alphabets is called alphabetical filing.

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