Introduction to Cyanobacteria (Blue-green algae)

Subject: Biology

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Cyanobacteria is also known as blue-green algae. This note contains information about classification and general characteristics of cyanobacteria.
Introduction to Cyanobacteria (Blue-green algae)
Cyanobacteria ( blue green algae)
Cyanobacteria ( blue-green algae)


Kingdom: Monera

Division: Eubacteria

Class: Cyanobacteria

Order: Nostocaceae

Genus: Nostoc

Common name: Star jelly

General characters of Cyanobacteria

  • The incipient nucleus is present.
  • The presence of a 70s type of ribosome.
  • The gas vacuole is present.
  • They are autotrophic and photosynthesis takes place by oxygenic photosynthesis.
  • Double membrane-bound cell organelles like ER, Golgi body, plastids are absent.
  • Their is an absence of locomotory organelles.
  • Sexual reproduction is absent.
  • Reproduction takes place by means of the asexual method.

Things to remember
  • Cyanobacteria is also known as blue-green algae. 
  • Their is an absence of locomotory organelles.
  • The present of the incipient nucleus.
  • The presence of 70s type of ribosome.
  • The gas vacuole is present.
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