Forest Conservation

Subject: Biology

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 It includes  brief introduction  of forests of Nepal, importance  of afforestation and hazards of deforestation. Management of land and water.


Introduction to forest and Water resources

This note includes information about forests in Nepal, its importance, problems, and conservation. A forest represents a biotic community with a predominance of woody trees, shrubs, and a lot of vegetation. Water is essential for the living organisms. Water resources are the sources of water that are potentially useful to humans. The total water on earth is 1.46 x 109 cubic kilometer, 90% found in oceans, 4.1% on earth, 2.0% in the glacier and 0.052% in a lake, river. Learn More

Land Managemet

This note includes information about land resources with its importance and management. Forests are the vast natural resources for man for fuel, timber, paper, fodder, water yield and animal products. Ecological studies have shown that forests help o maintain the level of rainfall. Forest helps in balancing the gaseous (C02 and O2) cycles of atmosphere and tend to increase water holding capacity of soil. Learn More

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