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Introduction to Earthworm

Earthworms are mostly found in cosmopolitan, terrestrial, temperate and tropical region.They are mostly found in 30-45 cm. This note has information about introduction to earthworm, habit/habitat of earthworm, morphology of the earthworm. Learn More

Digestive system of Earthworm

Digestion is the process of breaking down of complex and insoluble food substance into simpler and soluble form which can be easily absorbed and assimilated into body. The digestive system of an earthworm consists of the alimentary canal and the digestive glands. This note has information about digestion process of the earthworm. Learn More

Excretory system of Earthworm

Excretion in earthworm is performed by long, thin and coiled tubules known as nephridia.It is found in all segment except first two.They are the small microscopic coiled tube with the thin wall which is glandular and vascular.This note contains information about types of nephridia and physiology of excretion. Learn More

Reproductive System of Earthworm

In case of an earthworm, sexual reproduction takes place.They are protandrous and cross-fertilization and external fertilization takes place.This note provides information about male and female reproductive system with its parts. Learn More

Nervous system of Earthworm

The nervous system is well developed in the earthworm.It consists of central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system.This note has information about parts of nervous system. Learn More

Economic Importance of Earthworm

Earthworm is both useful and harmful for living beings.This note contains information about useful and harmful effects of earthworm. Learn More

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