Girls Trafficking and Prostitution

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Girl's trafficking is a social crime in which girls are attracted to job, employment opportunity, social dignity and of bright future and are sold in a brothel for the purpose of the sex trade. This note has information about girls trafficking and prostitution along with its causes, prevention and rescue.
Girls Trafficking and Prostitution

There are a number of social problems in our country. Among them, one is girl trafficking and prostitution. There are many brokers who are engaged in this trade. They go to the poor, jobless and simple minded people sympathize with them and assure them of the very lucrative job for their girls. The poor people are trapped and they give their consent. The girls are taken to brothels in India and sold where they have to give in prostitution. They have to serve several clients every day. The result is that they contract HIV/AIDS. They also have a deep mental wound. When they are no longer good for the flesh trade, they are turned away empty handed. At home, they are accepted neither by their parents and guardians nor society. Similarly, some girls are employed in household work where they work hard and are exploited. Some are sold to the factory owners to work there.


There are several causes of this social problem. The first cause is poverty. In the remote areas of our country, many people are poor. They do not get employment all the year round. They have to starve. It is easy for the broker to share them with the temptation of good income. They take the girls with them and sell them. The second cause is unemployment. In the country where educated people are unemployed, girls and women naturally cannot get employment. So they are easily persuaded by the traffickers. Thirdly, many people, especially women, and girls, are not aware of girl trafficking and the wretched condition of the girls sold to Indian brothels. They send the girls in the expectation of handsome salary. The social relationship with India is not less responsible. Brokers take the girls across the border on the pretext of visiting their relatives. Again, the border with India with India is open and security inefficient. They can cross anywhere and anytime. It is difficult to catch traffickers. Last of all, the government does not take any strict step to punish the traders heavily. So they are encouraged.


This social problem needs several measures for the prevention. There should be public awareness which can be created by meetings, procession, and slogans in the rural areas. Newspapers should publish articles against girl trafficking. Teachers and students can do a lot it this matter. They should visit people door to door and make them alert. The government should enact strong law and enforce it effectively. Brokers should be punished sternly. Poverty reduction schemes should be launched by providing job opportunities. Women education and skill development training arevery necessary. Women employment and empowerment will also prove useful. There should be active surveillance of the police at the border.


Many organizations and individuals are working in this direction. They have rescued many homeless women from the brothels, circuses and factories of India. Local people and police are assisting them in this operation. Fifteen organizations have formed Alliance Against Trafficking of Women and Girls in Nepal (AATWIN) to solve this problem. Mere rescue is not enough. Women who have returned home face many difficulties. They need rehabilitation because their parents and society do not readily accept them. Maiti Nepal provides them hostels and medical care. It provides them vocational training so that they can earn a living. They need love and affection. Girl trafficking is a serious problem and crime. Everybody should grid up their lions to eradicate it. Those who have been rescued should be treated well.

Things to remember
  • Gender discrimination, poverty and  lack of education, skills, and employment, are causes of girls trafficking and prostitution.
  • There should be public awareness which can be created by meetings, procession and slogans in the rural areas. 
  •  Fifteen organizations have formed Alliance Against trafficking of Women and Girls in Nepal (AATWIN) to solve this problem. 
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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Questions and Answers

Mrs. Anuradha Koirala has become a milestone against girl's trafficking as a bene-violent social worker.

The main causes behind girl trafficking are as follows:
  1. Poverty and unemployment prevailing in the hilly and remote areas.
  2. Lack of the awareness in people's mind especially in rural areas.
  3. Lack of the development of infrastructure and social services in the rural area.
  4. Lack of government policies, strategy and law to punish and discourage traffickers.
  5. Open boarder between Nepal and India.
  6. Lack of education.

Girl trafficking is one of the serious problems we are facing in our country. Because of poverty, lack of education and awareness and weak law with lack of application has made this act go on a rise. The national and international organizations have been working and contributing in a great deal. Two of those organizations are as follows:

  1. AATWIN (Alliance Against Trafficking of Women and Girls In Nepal)
  2. This groups, as a whole, in working to make it effectively aware people through medias, workshops, street drama.
  3. It has been working to take this and make issue of national and international levels.
  4. This alliance work against the act of girl trafficking jointly working with Maiti Nepal, ABC Nepal, Prerana, Children's Network Group, CWIN etc.
  5. CATW ( Coalition Against Trafficking in Women)
  6. It jointly works with 140 national and international organizations with UN and its agencies etc.
  7. Anti child labour activities, health campaigns, employment promotion, training programmes are organized for their promotion.
  8. The rehabilitation programmes are organized to ensure the secured future life and using them for awareness campaign.

Prostitution and girl trafficking are one of the embarrassing social hazards in any society. It is an outcome of illiteracy and poverty as well as unemployment. It affects our society and the nation in many ways such as-

  • Prostitution and girl trafficking are the main reasons of fatal diseases like HIV/AIDS. This can deteriorate the society and nation more.
  • These things can make Nepal internationally polluted.
  • Antagonistic people can be more excited to engage in these things because of weak law and order, and criminal activities can increase more.

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