Activities of United Nations

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UNO carries out various activities for the welfare of the people and the country in the world. It has been making several efforts for setting disputes around the world. This note has information about the activities of UNO.
Activities of United Nations

Activities of UNO

The number 66, with the blue plate and the flag of UNO, is the identification of the UN vehicle which might be on duty. UNO carry out various activities for the welfare of the people and the country in the world. It has been making several efforts for setting disputes around the world. 193 countries of the world are the member nations of UNO and have been employed about 65000 people under various programmes on education, health, children peace, control of fatal disease, rescue program on emergencies, etc. the UNO spends over 8 billion US $ annually in carrying out the various activities for the human welfare in the world.

The required fund for the organization has been collected from the following sources:

i) It receives a donation from the member nations ranging from 0.001% to 30% on the basis of their economic status.

ii) The rich countries voluntarily donate the UNO to carry out various programs under it.

iii) The USA, the developed North American country donates about 30% fund for the UNO for launching various human welfare programs.

The collected fund is spent for the following activities launched by the UNO for the welfare of the people and the country in the world:

i) To bring out various programs to promote the living standard of the people in the world.

ii) It improves socio-economic and political conditions of the member nations.

iii) It designs and carries out various activities to produce their international cooperation, peace, and harmony.

iv) It brings various plans and programs to eradicate various problems and evils prevailing in the world.

v) It has been conducting programs to empower women in the world.

vi)It works for the child rights, human rights, and brings various plans and policies to solve the problems faced by disabled, refugees etc.

vii) It has been working to protect and preserve the world natural and cultural heritages.

viii) It tries its best to preserve the environment from being polluted.

Peacekeeping force:

The specially trained and instructed task force which is sent to the war victim countries in the request of UNO to be a mediator between two rebels and to control the war temporarily is called Peace Keeping force. The peacekeeping force was established when Israel invaded Lebanon in 1978 A.D. The UN mobilizes the peacekeeping war victim nations in the world to maintain peace settling in the conflicts or disputes. The member nations of UNO can contribute by sending their national army and police to settle peace in war victim nations. Nepal also has been sending its troops as a peacekeeping force to Lebanon, Congo, Kosovo, Liberia, Haiti, Sudan, East Timor, etc.Recently the Nepalese peacekeeping force is working in Lebanon, Sudan, Haiti, and East Timor to settle the internal disputes of the nation.

Functions :

The UN peacekeeping force works under the direction and command of the head of the peacekeeping mission who has been appointed by the UN general assembly. The peacekeeping force wears the UN blue beret and their own army uniform when they are on duty. They are provided special and tactful training before going to the war victim nations. They are provided with modern weapons but they cannot use the weapons against the fractions there. They have the authority to use the weapons only for self-protection if required.

The following are the main duties and functions of peacekeeping force:

i) It protects to both the warring factions from violent.

ii) It trains the national armies of the war victim nations.

iii) It helps for the construction of transport and other infrastructural development in the war victim nations.

iv) It helps to supply food items, medicines and other required relief packages to the people of the war victim nations.

v) It clears mines and ambush and makes safety for the local people.

vi) It supervises the local or national election and ensures the safety of the people in the election.

vii) It tries to maintain peace and order in the war victim nations through diplomatic efforts and negotiations.

The peacekeeping force consists of the following person:

Police, election experts, lawyers, Human rights monitors, legal experts, expert for clearing mines and ambush, interpreters expert, human resources for development and constructive works, etc.

Things to remember
  • UNO carries out various activities for the welfare of the people and the country in the world. It has been making several efforts for setting disputes around the world.
  • The specially trained and instructed task force which is sent to the war victim countries in the request of UNO to be a mediator between two rebels and to control the war temporarily is called peacekeeping force.
  • To protect human rights, to secure peace and to work for economic and social development are the objectives of peacekeeping force.
  • The peacekeeping force consists of police, election experts, lawyers, Human rights monitors, legal experts, interpreters expert, human resources for development and constructive works, etc.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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Questions and Answers

Obviously, failure of the League of Nations results World War II by being unable to solve the disputes and the environment of war.

There are more than two hundred countries in the world. All the countries are not self-dependent, in every aspect. They have to establish relationship for trade, business, security development etc. The relationship that is established between or among the nations is called international relationship. It is also called the diplomatic relation. The relationship and interactions take place between more countries of nation states. Some countries are rich while others are poor. Some countries are economically powerful while others militarily strong. Some countries are always affected by violence while other countries help to find solutions to solve violence and conflict. Here are some ways to promote international relation:-
  1. By the establishment of diplomatic relations:
    This is the very important way of establishing the relationship between or among the nations. The countries formally establish their relationship by signing and exchanging the documents.
  2. By being founders of the regional or international organizations:
    The countries establish the common organizations on the regional basis or international basis. They strengthen their relations by promoting the common issues and helping each other. The UNO, the SAARC, the NAM are the examples of such organizations.
  3. By exchanging high level visits
    The heads of the states or the heads of the government visit the neighboring states and other states regularly. They take part in conference, meetings, etc. which helps to promote international relationships.
United Nations Organization has been always assisting Nepal for its social and economic development through various UN agencies. Some of its major helps are as follows:

  1. Its agency UNICEF is working for these children whose future are endanger by poverty, disease, malnutrition and the lack of education.
  2. Other agencies like WHO, UNFPA, IUCN, etc. are working for improving health status and environment and nature.
  3. UNDP is helping Nepal mainly for democratic governance, poverty reduction, crisis prevention and recovery, energy and environment and HIV\AIDS along with their development programs.
  4. The specialized UN agency to Nepal called UNMIN helped Nepal for the peace process as special mission of UN general. It worked as a mediator between government of Nepal and the Maoists.
Though Nepal is a peace loving country and involved in maintaining peace in the world, it hasn't been able to restore peace itself. In order to maintain peace in Nepal, the following measures should be taken:-

  1. The political parties should be honest and dedicated in solving their various differences through negotiation.
  2. The voice of the people of all castes, tribes, etc. should be addressed and respected.
  3. A government of national consensus should be formed and run at least for five years.
  4. Awareness programmes about the need of place should be conducted.
The UNO is a dynamic worldly trusted organization which works with the motive of welfare targeted to not other than human being. This organization was established in 1945 October with the immediate objective to establish peace and order through harmony, settlement of disputes and end any bilateral was forever. To meet this objective it has many agencies working in various sectors. They are mentioned below:

  1. Renovation of ancient Monument.
  2. AIDS and TB control.
  3. Preservation of human rights and conflict management
  4. Management and rehabilitation of refugees.
UNO is an organization which is matter of pride and glory to all the countries to be associated with it in any way. Nepal has a proud history of already being a member country of this organization.
UNO works on various sectors of life. The needy people always get warm support and co-operation from UNO. It has been helping in making the refugees accommodated and well set-up properly along with pressure and suggestion to solve the problem with the respective country Bhutan through many table-talks.
On the other hand, the significant support is on the sector of maintaining peace and order in Nepal. During the decades of 2050s, Nepal was engulfed by civil war between the state and revolutionary Maoists. They pressurized with keen interest to solve the violence. When the people's movement II brought dramatic success along with the indirect support of the Maoist, the arms management and cantonment process of Maoist constants on different centers, the important peace accord of 2063 were grand achievements. The politics of consensus of the political parties, the journey of joint efforts like interim legislature 2063, interim government, interim constitution 2063, the election of the constituent assembly, the attempts of preparing the new constitution, etc. are all possible because of active involvement of UN mission in Nepal. It has given message of peace throughout the world. Each time the political parties are enraged, the UN keeps an alarming finger for the joint action. The visit of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in Nepal was an asset of positive sign in its mission of establishing long-live peace.
UNO has implemented certain programmes for the development of Nepal.

  1. Women education being essential for grass-root level upliftment is being emphasized.
  2. Adult education programmes are being carried out for increasing awareness.
  3. UNO has helped Nepali in preservation of environment through awareness rising programmes and others, like tree plantation, etc.
  4. It has contributed significantly in raising the standard of health.
  5. Its programmes also deal with controlling drug abuse which has helped to save the lives of many people.
  6. Its contribution for preservation of culture and monuments is also helping Nepal in its path to progress.

UNMIN is one of the target oriented missionary agencies under the UN in Nepal. This kind of missionaries is made by UN and work in the respective countries to basically maintain peace and security there. After the 12 year long armed Maoist revolution in 2063 this agency has been working in Nepal with extension of its duration for more than five times. According to its function, the following evaluation can be made:

  1. It made a good contribution in the peace process that started along with the movement and the achievement of Loktantra in Nepal.
  2. The unexpected peace activities like arms management and the Maoist encamping in the cantonment are the main achievement under UNMIN.
  3. The regular co-ordination with the government and concerned authorities have helped to finally go on the process of proving Maoist soldiers.
  4. The act of finding the arms under UN stamp in the containers carried by the Maoist cadres have made the people and the government under suspicion regarding UNWIN's monitoring and effectiveness.
Secretariat is the head of UNO established in New York, USA. It is headed by the general secretary who is an authentic person. He is elected by general assembly for the tenure of 5 years. It prepares the agendas that are to be discussed in the general assembly which is ultimately circulated among the member countries.
Security Council is the most powerful organ of the UNO among all others. It is composed of 15 member countries among which 5 are the permanent (China, Russia, USA, France and UK) and other 10 are temporary members which are elected from the member countries. The main function of it is to establish peace and security in the conflicting areas by sending peace troops. 5 permanent member countries are the Veto power holding countries which can make any bold decisions.

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