International Relation. Peace And Co-operation

Subject: Social Studies

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  • Videos 33
  • Exercises 52
  • Practice Test 42
  • Skill Level Medium


After completing this lesson, student must be able to:
  • Explain the definition of UN organs.
  • List UN organs and their features.
  • Define specialized agencies of United Nation.
  • Describe about United Nations Organization and its organs
  • Describe UN activities in political, sociocultural  and economic fields.
  • Explain the function of UN.
  • Explain Nepal contribution to the promotion of international peace and cooperation.
  • Describe Nepal foreign policy.


United Nations and Its Organs

US President Franklin D Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met in the Atlantic Ocean and decided to prevent the world from any type of war and to maintain collective peace and security throughout the world. So, a treaty called ' Atlantic Charter' was signed in the Atlantic Ocean. This note talks about United Nations Organization and its organs. Learn More

Specialized Agencies of The UN

Those agencies which are set up for a particular purpose or for a particular field are known as specialized agencies.The specialized agencies are working under the Economical and Social Council of the UN. This note has information about the specialized agencies of the UN. Learn More

Activities of United Nations

UNO carries out various activities for the welfare of the people and the country in the world. It has been making several efforts for setting disputes around the world. This note has information about the activities of UNO. Learn More

International Relation and Nepal

UNMIN, the political mission was established on 23rd January 2007 A.D. under the leadership of Mr. Lan Martine. UNMIN is one of the missions sent by UNO for the restoration of peace and order in Nepal. This note has information about the role of UNMIN in maintaining peace in Nepal. Learn More

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