Infrastructures For Development

Subject: Social Studies

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After completing this lesson, student must be able to:
  • Explain the meaning of infrastructures of development and its types.
  • Describe human resources and its types.
  • Describe about skilled human resources
  • Describe sustainable skilled manpower.
  • Discuss the women's status at present in Nepal.
  • Explain the efforts made by interim constitution to empower women.
  • List the benefits of peace and security.
  • Explain the methods to restore peace and security.


Development Projects in Nepal

  • Development projects are small or large depending on the goals, investments, expected results, affected area, etc.
  • Some projects are implemented at the local level, some in state level, and some in national level.
  • National projects are organized if the project benefits the majority of people in the country and represents the national identity.
  • National level projects require more resources and investment as compared to the regional and local level projects.
  • Some development projects ongoing in Nepal are President Chure Conservation Project, Pokhara Regional International Airport, Budi-Gandaki Hydro-electricity Project, Mid-Hilly Highway (Pushpalal Marga), Upper Tamakoshi HydroElectricity Project, etc.
  • Apart from these above mentioned projects, various National Pride Projects are being run. Some of them are Koshi, KaliGandaki and Karnali Corridor, Hulaki Sadak, Kathmandu-Terai Fast Track, East-West Electrical Railway, Melamchi Drinking Water, Gautam Buddha International Airport, Nijgadh International Airport, Pashupati Area Development Fund, Lumbini Development Fund, West Seti Electricity Project, Bheri-Babai Diversion Multi-Purpose Project, etc.
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Infrastructures for Development: Skilled Manpower and Employment

  • Most essential things or services which are required for social, economic, cultural, development, to raise the living standard of the people is termed as infrastructures.
  • Nature gifted things which is available in nature and used to carry out development activities are known as natural resources.
  • Means and Resources are those things which are man-made (artificial) or natural and are utilized to perform development activities.
  • From education, we learn knowledge, skills and aptitude and from training, we get skills associated with efficiency.
  • And with education and training, a person with capacity, positive thinking and willingness to work is called a skilled person.
  • The skilled manpower not only seeks employment, but also creates entrepreneurial independent opportunities.
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Development Proposal Formulated in the Local Level

  • Development is always planned and is the first condition for the effective planning and development.
  • Formulating a plan for the appropriate use of available resources and means to fulfill certain objectives in the specified period is called Development Proposal Formulation.
  • Preparation of these development plans is also said to be the first step in the development process.
  • Local level proposals formulation steps are need identification, alternative selection, proposal preparation, investment source details, deals, implementation, and overview and evaluation.
  • Local level proposal formulation process are establishing relationship, situation study, prioritization for problems, agreement and contract, documentation and presentation.
  • Plan implementation steps are citizen’s meeting, plan collection with the local involvement, budgeting, proposal in the local government, formation of consumer groups, plan implementation agreement, documentation and economic management after planning, certifying the consumer groups and thanking them.
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Contemporary Development Goals and Nepal

  • The UN General Assembly of 1990 formulated the goals for Eradication of Poverty.

  • In September of 2000, the Millennium Development Goals was announced. This paved the way for developing countries to eradicate the economic and human poverty.

  • It listed the 8 millennium development goals and Nepal’s achievement goals

  • It also listed 21 sustainable development goals and Nepal's goals.

  • 189 countries along with Nepal signed the paper.

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