Problems in Tourism Industry of Nepal

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Though Nepal is culturally, naturally and geographically rich, here are some problems and challenges to promote the tourism industries. This note contains the information about the problems and challenges of tourism industry in our country.
Problems in Tourism Industry of Nepal

Though Nepal is culturally, naturally and geographically rich, here are some problems and challenges to promote the tourism industries. Some of the problems and challenges to promote and develop the tourism are as follows:

(i) Lack of infrastructural development:

Nepal is beautiful country with various natural sceneries, historical and religious sites, arts & architecture and social cultures. Nepal can be the best tourism spot with the help of its unique features. But due to lack of infrastructural development it is unable to utilize its features. If we are able to provide all the infrastructural facilities we can attract a large number of tourists in our country.

(ii) Lack of conservation of cultural and religious sites:

Nepal is country rich in cultural and religious sites which helps to attract large number of tourists. But due to lack of conservation activities such sites are being deteriorated which hampers tourism development.

(iii) Inadequate means of entertainment:

The means of entertainment for tourists are not sufficient and properly managed. As mainly tourists visit Nepal to pass their leisure time by hoping to get more entertainment. But means of entertainment are not properly managed for tourists. So, it is a major problem of tourism industries.

(iv) Lack of tourists goods:

The goods which are used by tourists are not produced in Nepal. The tourists goods are imported from different countries which are very expensive. If the required goods are manufactured in our country many tourists will visit Nepal.

(v) Lack of proper tourism centers:

We do not have proper tourism centers to provide them necessary informations. Tourists does not want visit places without any information. So, tourism centers should be established in order to increase number of tourists.

(vi) Lack of publicity:

Nepal is the beautiful country with various natural, cultural and historical sites. But without its publicity it has got no importance. Nepal is unknown to many peoples in the world which affects tourism development.

(vii) Lack of facilities and safety for tourists:

We are unable to provide better facilities and security to the tourists which is defecting tourism development in our country. They should be free from fear and provided with better facilities which helps to increase number of tourists.

(viii) Internal conflict:

There is a high chance of internal conflicts in Nepal such as strike, Banda, political movements etc. which damages the reputation of tourism development in Nepal among the tourist community.

Things to remember
  • Though Nepal is culturally, naturally and geographically rich, there are some problems and challenges to promote the tourism industries.
  • Though Nepal is rich in various unique features but it is unable to utilize them due to lack of infrastructures.
  • The means of entertainment for tourists in Nepal are not sufficient and properly managed.
  • Due to lack of tourists goods, proper tourism centers, facilities and safety for tourists,the number of tourists entering our country is decreasing.
  • Various cultural and religious sites are being deteriorated due to lack of conservation which defects tourism development.
  • There is always internal conflicts in Nepal such as strike, banda, political movements etc. which are the obstructions for the promotion of tourism development in Nepal.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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Questions and Answers

Five problems created by extinction of tourism are:

  • The youth are easily influenced by the western culture and want to live like them, so this indulge them in unwanted activities.
  • Foreign religion has affected the Hinduism and Buddhism in Nepal. Many people of tourists centers are adopting Christianity.
  • The plastic bags, glass, bottle used by the tourists are thrown everywhere carelessly which create pollution in the environment.
  • Seasonal unemployment is one of the problems created by tourists. For certain months a large number of people get job. It creates a problem to manage employment to the unemployed.
  • Tourists offer heavy amount to even ordinary things. It habituates shopkeeper to sell the things in high price. So, prices of everything go up.

The measures to overcome the problems as follows:
  • Make our youths aware of the importance of our culture and civilization. We need to realize that we are not inferior to others in terms of culture, civilization, etc.
  • Everyone should be made realized the importance of environment and we should preserve our good environment.
  • Temples and stupas should be made and the importance of the religion would be spread. Religious tolerance should be developed.
  • Lure tourists throughout the year and stimulate them to Nepal all-round the year.
  • There should fixed government price.
The five major problems regarding the tourists industry of Nepal are:
  • Lack of transportation facility
  • Lack of Hotels, Lodge, Restaurants and Guides
  • Pollution
  • Lack of security
  • Backwardness in modernization

Unplanned tourism can bring many problems. Some of them are the following:

  • Wild animals and plants can be destroyed
  • Rare species can be extinct.
  • Natural beauty may be destroyed due to pollution and soil erosion
  • Large number of new buildings may destroy the appearance of towns and villages.
  • Local culture may be changed.
  • Traditional community life may be changed.

There could be problems because of increasing tourists. The following are four possibilities to solve these problems

  • More and more tourism centers should be opened so that overcrowding and impact on natural environment decrease.
  • The use of non biodegradable things should be banned in order to control land water pollution.
  • Proper sanitation, laundry, dodges and hotels
  • Good internal transport and ticketing facilities

Tourism is one of the main income sources of Nepal. Six percent of national income is derived from tourism industry in Nepal. Tourism is an important foreign currency earning source of Nepal. Nepal needs foreign currency to import many important items. In 1999-2000 alone Nepal earned 12073.9 million rupees. So, it should be well developed. But since few years ago the tourism industry is in poor condition. It is because of the following reasons.

  • Lack of hotels, lodges, restaurant and guides
  • Lack of security
  • Lack of transportation facility
  • Pollution deforestation, cheating etc.
  • Backwardness in Modernization.

The three problems that tourists bring into are as follows:

  • Overcrowding is unpleasant
  • The plants and wildlife are destroyed
  • Rare species become extinct
  • Pollution and erosion destroy the beauty
  • Fuel, food and water are insufficient, and tourists have preference over local people
  • Large number of new buildings destroy both towns and villages appearance.
Tourism has been one of our important parts of our body because our life or livelihood depends on it. 6% income sources are supported by it. Mountains, rivers, our diverse culture, different geographical features hotels, lodges, friendliness etc. have attracted a greater number of tourists of Nepal. Although it is getting developed, some problems are still prevailing in the sector of tourism. They are:
  • Lack transportation and communication
  • Lack of conservation of cultural and religious heritages.
  • Lack of entertainment
  • Lack of well managed tourists centers
  • Lack of tourist goods
  • Lack of publicity
  • Lack of facilities and safety for tourists
  • Lack of sanitation

Tourism is the most potential sector from which Nepal can be tagged as a developed country. A full swing beauty ranging from east to west has given magnificent ideal place to allure people of any part of the world.

  • The arrival of tourists brings foreign currencies which brings economic prosperity in the country. In the recent years it has contributed about 200 million dollar of foreign currency received from the foreign tourists
  • The tourism development brings employment opportunities to people in various ways.
  • The tourism development gives pressure to the government in developing the physical aspects of the country which further enhanced the tourism promotion
  • There will be increment in revenue collection of the government along with the promotion in trade and business, art and craft.
But our country has surpassed several problems regarding tourism which have caused obstacles in the tourism development. They can be enlisted below:
  • Lack of transportation facilities
  • Insecurity
  • Lack of good accommodation
  • Lack of efficient guides and language problems

World heritage sites are valued as international pride and wealth. To have them in larger or greater number is a pride and glory for a country. National or international tourists make crowd to visit them. But nowadays many such sites are affected by pollution. It disturbs the quality, dignity and popularity of such sites. For having such problem the governmental policy, tourists and local people are triangularly responsible in my view.
The government should from the beginning make budget allocation, manage security, make further plans to enhance it advanced.
Similarly, the local people close to it should show their initiative to protect it by mobilization of volunteers, coordination with the governmental authorities, stopping any types polluting factors.
The tourists on the other hand should equally be responsible because their behavior and act shows the civilization. They should stop any anti-social activities.

Tourism is considered as a very fragile industry. Even a small situation can lead this industry to the zero level. Nepal definitely possesses great potential for the development of tourism. But its development or progress is not at all the development. The main reasons behind these facts are:
  • Frequent political turmoil in the country.
  • Terrorist activities in the country.
  • All facilities concentrated in the city areas.
  • Lack of god network of transportation

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