Possibility of Tourism in Nepal

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Nepal is the most suitable tourism place for the tourists who like trekking, mountaineering, safari and various adventurous activities. This note provides the information about the prospects/potentiality/possibilities of tourism development in our country.
Possibility of Tourism in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country because of it's unique land features, climatic condition, biodiversity, cultures and hospitable people. It is the most suitable tourism place for the tourists who like trekking, mountaineering, safari and various adventurous activities. According to world travel guide, Nepal was one of the favorite destination to travel in 2014 and Manang and Mustang are listed as a favorite destination to visit during 2015. Nepal has possibilities of tourism development due to following reasons: to visit during 2015. Nepal has possibilities of tourism development due to following reasons:

(i) Rich in biodiversity:


Nepal is a country full of natural variations. It is rich in its bio-diversity. It has secured up a 25th position of the world and 11th position in Asia because of its prosperity in biodiversity. So, it might be the place for research, study and observation that can attract the tourists to visit our country.

(ii) Birthplace of Buddha:


Buddha, the light of Asia, was born in our country. He was the founder of Buddhism. So, it is another prospect of tourism development which can attract a large number of tourists in our country.

(iii) Highest peak in the world:

The highest peak in the world, Mount Everest lies in our country which can attract a large number of tourists to visit our country. They are snow capped and great place for trekking and mountaineering.

(iv) Rich in ancient arts and architecture:

Our country is rich in its ancient art and architecture that is the part of our civilization, origination and identification as well as it is the wealth of our country. So, by preserving and promoting them we can develop tourism.

(v) Suitable place for adventures, sports, mountaineering etc.

As Nepal extends from 60m to 8848 m from the sea level, it is the right destination for adventurous, sports and mountaineering tourism. It contains all types of land topography. So, different sorts of tourism activities such as bungee jumping, rafting, mountaineering etc. can be conducted which helps to promote the tourism in Nepal.

(vi) Religious and historical sites:

Nepal is the rich country from the point view of religious and cultural sites. It consists of various religious, cultural, historical and natural heritages like Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, Muktinath, and Halesi Mahadev which have some unique features and represents ancient civilizations.

(vii) Diverse in landscapes and topography:

Nepal has various landscapes and it is favorable for tourists to attain relax with any sorts of environment. The climatic condition varies from one place to another. Due to its uneven topography and geographical condition, it has been charisma or boon to us gifted by nature and help to promote tourism.

(viii) Climatic conditions:


Due to variation in the ecosystem, there is also variation in climate and biodiversity. Though it occupies 0.03% of the total land area of Asia, it has variation in a climate which can be the best place to enjoy for tourists.

Therefore, these are the possibilities/prospects/potentiality for the development of tourism industry in Nepal.
Things to remember
  • Nepal is a beautiful country with various features and has the possibilities for tourism development.
  • Nepal might be a place for research due to its natural variations.
  • Mt.Everest (highest peak of the world), Gautam Buddha (light of Asia) and various art and architecture are the main attraction for tourists in Nepal.
  • Due to various geographical topography, different sorts of tourism activities such as bungee jumping, rafting, mountaineering etc. can be conducted here.
  • Nepal is the rich country from the point view of religious, historical and cultural sites such as Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, Muktinath, Halesi Mahadev, etc.
  • There is also variation in climate and biodiversity due to variation in the ecosystem.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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Questions and Answers

As we discussed it in the class in group of 12 students representing 12 months, we found the following answers for the question why it is good to visit Nepal in each month.

Baisakh: because it is the month of spring and greenery.
Jestha: because beautiful scene of corn farming and clear mountain can be seen.
Ashad: because paddy and flood are seen.
Sharwan: because of rainfall and harvesting.
Bhadra: because various Jatras and festivals are seen and celebrated.
Asoj: because the beautiful scene of autumn season can be seen.
Kartik: because scene of rice harvesting can be observed and people can go for long trail.
Mangsir: because it is a good time to trek.
Push: because of snowfall.
Magh: because of snowfall and trekking on Himalayas.
Falgun: because mountains are beautiful.
Chaitra: because people can easily visit different parts of the country.

Characteristics of twelve months on the basis of the above given information:
Baishakh: Scene of spring.
Jestha: scene so snowfall.
Ashad: scene of flood and paddy plantation.
Sharwan: scene of rainfall.
Bhadra: cultural supremacy.
Asoj: autumn beauty.
Kartik: trekking.
Mangsir: trekking.
Push: scene of snowfall.
Magh: snowfall and trekking.
Falgun: scene of mountains.
Chaitra: visit open area.
There is great possibility of development of tourism in Nepal because Nepal is a mountainous country. The long chain of beautiful mountains with highest peaks of the world, lakes, various flora and fauna, cultural heritage, religious places and polite manners of the people have made a great possibility of development in Nepal.

Tourist visits Nepal to see and study the art and architecture, to understand and study the cultural aspects our country, to understand the dress, food, ritual and lifestyle and to enjoy the natural beauty and cultural heritages. Tourists especially come to Nepal for trekking in the hilly and Himalayan region, for rafting, enjoying the scenic beauty and exploring the cultural and traditional heritage of Nepal.

Nepal is obviously a land of exotic beauty. It is the foremost quality features that make people allured of the whole world. In my district Bhaktapur, tourists find wide interested to visit the Durbar square area and the view point spot Nagarkot.
The Durbar Square site is very significant since it is enlisted in the world heritage site because of its antique styles temples, culture, art, people have managed to maintain the city very clean. The Nayatapole, an old five stored temple, unique Newari culture, old water wells, public taps, and calm natured and always ready to welcome the tourists are some features which makes tourists fall spellbound to this place.
A little far from Bhaktapur, 13 km east, is a place where beauty dwells with perfect and fresh smile. A sloppy area with long range of mountains are perfect and fresh smile. Sloppy areas with long range of mountains are always openly visible. The hotels and their standard give tourists for satisfaction. The rustic Nepali village site can be well observed. There is no difficulty in finding vehicular service, either form Bhaktapur or Kathmandu.

Trekking and mountaineering are the two aspects of mountain tourism.


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