Carbon and Its Compounds

Subject: Science

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On completion of this lesson, the students should be able to:

  • Describe hydrocarbons.
  • Describe different derivatives of hydrocarbons.




Alcohol is defined as an organic compound containing the hydroxyl group (-OH) attached to a saturated carbon atom or hydrocarbon radical. This note has brief introduction about alcohol and also the uses and properties of different types of alcohol. Learn More

Glycerol and Ether

Glycerin is used to prepare of printing ink and stamp pad inks, manufacture of good quality soaps and detergents etc. This note has short introduction on glycerol and ether with their uses and properties. Learn More

Homologous Series

Each successive member of a homologous series differs by CH2. This note is the detail description about homologous series. Learn More

Some Hydrocarbons and Their Compounds

Methane is found in swamps and marshy lands where it is produced by bacterial decomposition of complex vegetables and animal matters. It is also found in coalmines. This note provides an information on different types of alkane and their uses.

Learn More


The compounds which are formed as a result of combination of hydrogen and carbon is called hydrocarbon. This note has brief description about hydrocarbons, their types and how they are named. Learn More

Formaldehyde and Carbohydrates

Formaldehyde is a derivative of hydrocarbon which occurs naturally. Carbohydrates are the essential compounds that provide energy to living cells.

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