Acid, Base And Salt

Subject: Science

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On completion of this lesson, students should be able to:

  • Define acid, base and salt.
  • Explain the characteristics of acid base and salt.
  • Describe the use of acid, base and salt in our daily life.
  • Differentiate acid and base.
  • Explain what are indicators and their use.



Substances which release hydrogen ions (H+ions) in aqueous solution or donates proton during chemical reaction are called acid. This note explains about types and properties of acid along with its uses. Learn More


Those compounds which release hydroxyl ion (Anion) in their aqueous solution are called base.For e.g. NaOH → Na+ + OH-, Ca(OH)2 → Ca++ + OH-, Mg(OH)2 → Mg++ + OH-, etc. This note has information on types of alkali, along with their uses and properties. Learn More


The neutral substance formed by the reaction between acidic radical and basic radical is known as salt. This note has explanation about salts how they are prepared and what are their uses. Learn More

Neutralization Reaction

The reaction in which an acid reacts with base, in which the properties of both acid and salt are destroyed or neutralized to form salt and water, is known as neutralization reaction. They are always exothermic in nature as they discharge the same amount of heat.

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