Subject: Optional Mathematics

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  • Skill Level Medium


After completion of this chapter, students will be able to:

  • solve problems of different types of function and polynomials.
  • solve problems related to sequence and series.


Function and Polynomials

If f: A → B be a function from set A to set B and g: B → C be the function set B to set C, then the new function from set A to set C is called composite function of F and G. It is denoted by gof. The algebraic expressions in which the power of the variables is whole numbers are called polynomials. Rules of polynomials: 1 . Multiply each term of one polynomial by each term of the order. 2 . Arrange the terms in ascending or descending order.

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Sequence and Series

The collection of numbers in which numbers are arranged in a certain rule is called a sequence, when the numbers of the sequence are connected by signs '+' or '-' then it is called series.

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