Population, Environment and Development

Subject: EPH

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  • Exercises 37
  • Practice Test 26
  • Skill Level Medium


After completing this lesson, student must be able to :
  • Describe the concept of population, environment and development.
  • Explain the interrelation between population,environment and development.
  • Define effects of unplanned development activities and their mitigating measures.
  • Describe the types of industries.
  • Describe principles and importance of sustainable development.
  • Explain types and importance of infrastructures of development.


Population, Environment and Development

Development means positive and structure change in the physical, culture and economic condition of any place or person. This note has information about the development and its importance. Learn More

Infrastructures of Development, Type and Importance

Development is concerned with health, education, acquisition of civil rights, availability of employment, the right to dignify life, gender equality, community welfare, and decentralised administration. This note has information about the infrastructures of development, type and importance. Learn More

Effects of Unplanned Development Activities and Their Mitigating Measures

Urbanisation is a process of increasing the area of urban centres and proportion of people living in that area. This note has information about effects of unplanned development activities and their mitigating measures.

Learn More


To manufacture goods or to provide service by using different resources is called as industry. This note has information about the industry, its types, importances, effects and its mitigating measures. Learn More

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development means to take economic benefit what can help to raise living standard of present generation without affecting need of future generation. It means to conserve resources without affecting its quantity and quality. This note has information about introduction to sustainable development, its principles and importance

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