Paragraph Writing

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Paragraph Writing

This is a note for helping Class 10/ SLC students about paragraph writing. It describes about paragraph writing from SLC point of view and is helpful for students appearing SLC exam. Learn More

Adverbs of Frequency for SLC/High School

In this note use of Adverb in a sentence is defined with examples. Please click on the Note Heading to know all about it...Extremely helpful for SLC students Learn More

Can-Cannot (Use and Rules) for SLC/ High School

This Note describes about the rules of using CAN-CANNOT in a sentence. Click on the note to learn more...It will helpful to SLC Students Learn More

Have - Has - Go - Goes-Do-Does

This Note describes about the use of have-has-go-goes-do-does in a sentence. Click on the note to learn more... Learn More

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