Letter Writing

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Letter Writing

Letter Writing [1]

Personal Letter: Relatives, friend and a letter regarding personal and social activities.

Formal Letter: Unfamiliar person, application, a letter to the editor.

Business Letter: One businessman to another.

Parts of Letter

Address: (small to bigger, left side)

Daksinamurti Marg,

Mitrapark, Kathmandu


Date: (left side)

20th November/ Nov 20th 2006/ Nov 20, 2006/ 20/11/2006/ 20.11.2006

Salutation: Whom you write

Eg. My dear father, Dear father

Body: Minimum into 3 paragraphs

1st paragraph: Why, how, within a couple of sentence

2nd paragraph: Details of your letter

3rd paragraph: sum up: once again emphasize your main views

Valediction: Farewell word

Eg. Yours obediently

Signature: Name of the writer




How to make a good letter?

  • Write a letter according to a given format.
  • Use simple words and short sentences.
  • Sentences must be grammatically correct.
  • No spelling mistake.
  • Proper way of presentation.
  • While writing a letter, one has to think he/she is not writing in the exam hall but to the concerned person.
  • The writer has to write his/her clear views.
  • Unnecessary thing which is not concerned with the letter mustn’t be written.
  • Use polite words and never accuse others.

How to write valediction?

Love, With Love, Yours Ever Loving, Your Loving Son, Yours Lovingly, Yours Sincerely, Sincerely Yours, Your Sincere Friend.

Things to remember
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
Questions and Answers

Daksinamurti Marg,

Mitrapark, Kathmandu


May 3, 2006

Dear sister,

Thanks to Harka uncle who told me about your failure in exam and frustration caused by it. After hearing the news, I couldn’t stop myself without writing a few of words regarding it.

Sister, life is said “Full of struggle”. Another side of life is failure too. It is said, “No pain, no gain”. Being a wise, bold and courageous girl, you can easily understand what I mean. You might have gone through several pages of history where you might have found many ups and downs faced even by a successful man. Founder of Modern Nepal; PN Shah who tasted many failures during his unification and in course to annex Nuwakot. But he never lost his hope and learnt the lesson from his failure. He regained his new spirit and jumped into the battle with full preparation. As a result, he got success and unified tiny principalities into a greater Nepal. So, being a wise and lovely girl, it is not good to show your frustration. Please wake up and regain your energy to fight back against your failure. I think, your failure can be a ladder to gain your ultimate goal. Be confident and sure, you’ll never look back if you learn lesson from your mistakes.

Finally, convey my best regards to mom and dad and love to brother Sujel. Think twice; recollect your energy, be bold, to face new challenges and dilute all the tiny problems. Your bright future is eagerly waiting to give you back your smile and happiness.

I look forward to hearing soon.

Your Loving Sister,

Apphia Shrestha.

Mitrapark, Kathmandu


10th May, 2006

Dear Father,

As you asked me to write something about my school and aim of life, I’m going to write something about it. The school is very good and my aim of life is to be an English teacher.

When I joined the school, at that time I got bad impression about it. The school didn’t have big building and play ground. I was very sad and disappointed. From the first day only what I remembered, the classes were memorable. I found all my colleagues were very helpful and discipline. Teachers were equally good. All the teachers were got trained, laborious, smart and helpful. The teachers of the school were really very good. I, who never passed in Maths, now I’m among good students, the credit goes to Dhami sir. Science teacher makes the subject matter easy to everyone. He always encourages me to do well in science. But I’m much impressed by my English teacher, Dev sir. His way of teaching is very impressive. He doesn’t only teach but tells the students how to write, digest and express in English. Because of his effort, I’m completely changed. I’m not that student who was roaming and measuring Kathmandu’s street. I’ve not touched my lovely guitar to book.

I’m quite impressed by the simplicity of my English teacher. His simplicity, smartness and even his problems cannot be read in his face. He always smiles and thinks betterment of the students. Such a teacher can be apple of one’s eyes and dearer to everyone.

Finally, I’d like to say my school is far better than so called good schools of Kathmandu. Though my friends have aim like to be doctor and engineer. But I’d like to be an English teacher like Dev Sir.

Please convey my best regards to mom and love to brother Nishan. We’ll have chat when we’ll be together during vacation.

I look forward to hearing you soon.

Yours lovingly,

Meena Shrestha.

Dakshinamurti Marg

Mitrapark, Kathmandu

2nd Chaitra, 2063

Dear Sukmit,

I was overwhelmed when I got through your previous letter and came to know a lot about your previous letter and came to know a lot about your village. I also would like to describe you about my village.

My village is Lahila which is located at Sankhu in Kathmandu District. It is a dormitory town with Newar settlement. It is the ancient place where there is mythology of Swasthani, green forest, hills, Sali Nadi. There are many temples like Indrayani, Bajra Yogini and Gumbas. Nearly, ten thousand people live in this place. Due to conscious people and their unity, this area has developed a lot. There are facilities of electricity, transport, communication etc. there are many schools and health posts too. But still people are conservative and they believe in orthodox practices. Nowadays, people are being conscious due to education and awareness programmes. Thus, I love my village.

Finally, convey my best regards to your mom and dad and love to sister Barsha.

I look forward to hearing you soon.

Yours lovingly,

Meena Shrestha.

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