Forest in Nepal

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Forest in Nepal

Forest in Nepal

Nepal is the country of mountains, lakes, rivers, temples. It is a land-locked country. Nature provides different gifts to the country. Among them forest is one. Mahabharat Range, Chure Range and Charkose jhadhi are very thick and dense and it is extended from Mahakali to Mechi. Nepal is rich in forest. That’s why it is called “Green forests are the wealth of Nepal.”

Years ago, most of the land of Nepal was covered with forest but due to population growth people have started to clear the jungle for various purposes like cultivation settlement. Even today 29% of land is covered with jungle. It has been decreasing in its shape and size day by day.

But the present position of forest in Nepal is not encouraging. The main reason for its destruction is human activities. They clear the forest to get firewood, timber, cultivation etc. Due to this reason, natural balance is disturbed. As a result, flood, soil erosion, famine are common in Nepal. The fertile land is decreasing. Due to the destruction of forest, many citizens are in trouble and even not getting drinking water. Once 60% land of country was occupied with jungle. But now it is decreased upto 29% only.

Forest is one of the sources of national income and awareness. Many industries are dependent on it. Forest based resources are exported to earn foreign currencies. It is also important because it provides natural habitats for wildlives.

Finally, it is needed to be saved through education and awareness. We can make people aware and encourage for plantation of sapling. It is high time to protect forest which can make natural balance and at last to save the mankind.

Things to remember
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  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.

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