Networking and Telecommunication

Subject: Computer Science

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After completing this lesson, student must be able to:
  • Explain the types of communication media.
  • Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of computer network.
  • Describe networking architecture.
  • Explain network topology and elements of network.
  • Define communication and data transmission modes.


Networking Architecture

The networking architecture or network model specifies how computers on the network interacts and communicate with each other. There are different types of computer architecture. This note provides an information about network model and its advantages. Learn More

Communication and Data Transmission Modes

A computer network is a logical or physical interconnection between two or more computers such that they could communicate with each other. This note provides an information about concept of communication and data transmission modes. Learn More

Computer Network and Communication Media

The group of interconnected computers through transmission media in-order to communicate and share resources like hardware, data and software is known as communication media. This note provides an information about Computer Network and Communication Media. Learn More

Elements of Network

A protocol is a set of rule for communicating across the internet. This note provides us an information on network model. Learn More

Network Topology and Elements of Network

The arrangement or connection patterns of computers or nodes or devices used in the network is known as network topology.The network topology describes how the computers and networking devices are linked with each other. This note provides us an information about network topology along with elements of network. Learn More

Computer Network Categories

Computer network helps computers to communicate with each other.Computer network is classified into three category. They are Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Wide Area Network (WAN). This note elaborates about different types of computer networks. Learn More

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