Modular Programming in QBASIC

Subject: Computer Science

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After completing this lesson, student must be able to:
  • Do statements and functions in QBASIC.
  • Explain merits of modular programming.
  • Describe QBASIC functions and statements.


    Modular Programming In QBASIC

    The process of breaking a large program into small manageable tasks and designed them independently is called modular programming. A module program consists of a main module and one or more sub modules or procedures.This note provides an information about modular program in QBASIC. Learn More

    String Functions

    String functions are used to manipulate strings. A string can defined as set of alphanumeric characters. This note provides an information about String Functions . Learn More

    QBASIC Functions and Statements

    Loop is a statement which executes one or more lines of code in certain number of times. Similarly, An array is a special type of variable with an unique name, size and type. This note provides an information about Qbasic Functions and statements. Learn More

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