Monthly Statement

Subject: Accountancy

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Monthly Statement


Monthly Statement

Monthly statements are the major financial statements to be prepared by the operating level offices at the end of every month and submitted to central level offices. The monthly statements include statement of expenditure, statement of outstanding advance, bank reconciliation statement etc. This note has information abut monthly statement, its objectives, importance and advantages. Learn More

Statement of Expenditure

The monthly statement which is prepared to disclose the position of budget & position of the fund is known as statement of expenditure. This note has information about statement of expenditure. Learn More

Statement of Advance, Revenue and Security Deposit

The monthly statement which discloses the information of unclear advance is called statement of outstanding advance. It is known as AGF No. 14, which shows the detail information of advance like date of advance given, name of the person or party receiving the advance, the amount of advance, objectives of advance, reasons for not clearance of advance etc. This note has information abut statement of outstanding advance, statement of government revenue and statement of security deposit. Learn More

Bank Reconciliation Statement (AGF No. 15)

Bank reconciliation statement refers to the statement prepared by operating level office to reconcile the balance of bank cash book or pass book. It is known as AGF No. 15. This note has information about bank reconciliation statement, its objectives and specimen. Learn More

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