Journal Voucher

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Journal Voucher


Journal Voucher

This note provides the brief description about Journal Voucher or Goshwara Voucher which are used in all government offices. This also contains many important practical questions. To learn more watch the full note. Learn More

Journal Voucher for Budget Expenditure and Annual Closing

The journal voucher which is prepared to record the transactions relating to budget expenditure is called journal voucher for budget expenditure. It is also known as general journal voucher. This is commonly used journal voucher in government offices. This note has information about the journal voucher for budget expenditure and yearly closing. Learn More

Journal Voucher for Advance Transactions

Advance is an amount, which is given to official staff and other parties before receiving goods and services. It is given to perform a specific task. After the completion of such task, the advance amount should be cleared. This note has information about the journal voucher prepared for advance transactions. Learn More

Journal Voucher for Miscellaneous Transactions

The transactions other than budget expenditure and advance given and cleared are called miscellaneous transactions. These journal vouchers do not effect on budget expenditure. This note has information about journal vouchers for miscellaneous transactions. Learn More

Distribution of Salary and Its Deductions

Salary is distributed to the employees of government offices against the service rendered by them. The salary is distributed after making a deduction of provident fund, income tax, provident fund loan and citizen investment trust. This note has information about the distribution of salary in government offices and deductions made on it. Learn More

Security Deposit, Loan and Budget Transfer

Security deposit is concerned with the amount deposited by a contractor or supplier against the tender of supplying goods and services. This note has information about the security deposit, loan and budget transfer. Learn More

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