Filing and Indexing

Subject: Accountancy

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Filing and Indexing



Filing is the form of record keeping. It is a careful and systematic preservation of letters, vouchers, bills, reports, papers and other important documents. This note has information about filing, its objectives, needs and importance. Learn More


Indexing is a guide which helps in searching and finding out a particular topic in book, particular account in a ledger book, particular letter in the file and particular file in a filing cabinet. This note has information about indexing and its need and importance. Learn More

Methods of Filing

This note has information about various methods of filing. There are four methods of filing. They are alphabetical filing, numerical filing, subjective filing and geographical filing. Learn More

Systems of Filing

This note has information about the systems of filing. There are two systems of filing system. They are: Traditional Filing System and Modern Filing System. Learn More

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