Is there a link between Crime and the Moon?

It is said that there are more crimes in a full moon day than any other day. But is there really a correlation between crime and the full moon? What could cause an increase in aggression around a particular lunar phase?

मरुभूमि हुदै दक्षिण पुर्बी एशिया

सुन्दा अचम्म लाग्ने कुरा हो, तर कल्पना गर्नुहोस्, ग्लोबल वार्मिंगले बढ्दो तापमान र जलवायु परिवर्तनले नेपाल मरुभूमिमा परिणत हुने सक्ने अवस्था सिर्जना भइराखेको छ।

तपाईंले नेपालमा गर्मी महिनामा धेरै गर्मि महसुस गरेको हुनुहुन्छ नै तर जाडो महिनामा आजकल दिनभर न्यानो पनि हुने गर्छ? मनसुन पहिलेजस्त्तै समयमा आइपुग्ने गर्दैन र पहिले जस्तो भारी वर्षा हुदैन।

बुद्धकालिन नेपालको रक्तपात पूर्ण इतिहास !!

तीनपटक आक्रमण गर्दा गौतम बुद्धले ठुलो हानी हुनबाट रोकेका थिए। तर चौथोपटक बुद्धको पनि केहि प्रभाव लागेन र कपिलवस्तु भिषण नरसंहार भयो र ७७,००० व्यक्ति को निर्मम हत्या भयो |

Scientists Learn How to Record Your Dreams and Play Them Back to You

Seeing what you dream is not a fiction. There is a way you can record your dream and see it later. Pretty soon not even your dreams may be private anymore. Japanese scientists have learned how to interpret what you're dreaming about by measuring your brain activity while you sleep. This data can then be plugged into an algorithm that reconstructs your dream so that it can be played back for you when you're awake.

Majestic Natural Wonders Your Children Will Miss

Many of the world's most spectacular natural wonders are disappearing with increasing speed. Entire ecosystems, habitats and species that have existed for many thousands and in some cases millions of years could disappear in a little as a few decades, thanks to the destructive greed and consumption of one culprit: humans. 

Remedy of Agitation: Smell of Chocolate

Do you have hyper brain and want to relax, chocolate is one of the solutions. A study shows smell of chocolate can be the depressant for hyperactivity.

Chocolate also increased alpha and beta brain wave activity.

Humans will Go Extinct if There are No Bees

Most of the pollination in the world is done by bees. If there are no bees then plants cannot reproduce. Without reproduction plants will become extinct so will humans.Out of the 100 crop species that provide us with 90% of our food, 70% are pollinated by bees. It’s that simple. Bees are the primary initiators of reproduction among plants, as they transfer pollen from the male stamens to the female pistils.

The Death of South East Asia by Desertification

Have you felt summer in Nepal getting hotter and winter warmer? Do monsoon is as heavy as it used to be and does it arrive at the time it used to arrive?

Nepal though rich in water resource now can become a desert in 70 years if proper attention is not paid to conserve the climate.