Is Space Really Only Vacuum?

An insight about the dark region above Earth.

What is Craft Art & How Much Do Craft Artists Earn?

A brief decipher about a popular art that dates back to ancient times. What Does a Craft Artist Do? Where Does a Craft Artist Work? What is the Average Annual Salary of a Craft Artist?

How Does This Man Use Apples to Grow Body Parts?

Scientists have figured out how to use apples and human cells to make ears in a petri dish. So are they real human ears? Can they hear? The answer is complex.

World's Smallest Human Sculpture That Can Sit on a Human Hair

We have seen miniature sculpture sell for big money in the market around our Durbar Squares and gift shops. There are people who create the smallest human sculpture in the world, and have written names on the Guinness Book of World Records for these.

Is it true that the Earth‘s magnetic field is about to flip?

Geophysicists think that the Earth’s magnetic poles could soon switch ends with the magnetic north pole becoming south, and the magnetic South Pole becoming north. the Earth’s magnetic field moves around, with the magnetic north pole currently drifting by about 10 miles a year.

के अपराध र चन्द्रमाबीच केहि सम्बन्ध छ त?

भनिन्छ कि पुर्णिमाको दिनमा अरु दिनहरुको तुलनामा धेरै अपराधहरु हुने गर्छन। तर के साँच्चै अपराध चन्द्रमाबीच कुनै सम्बन्ध छ त? के कारणले चन्द्रमाको कुनै चरणमा धर्तीमा अपराधहरुमा वृद्धि देखिन्छ त?

स्टार्टअप कम्पनिहरु जन्मिने हांगजोको इन्टरनेट ड्रिम सिटी

विश्व परिवर्तन गर्ने सोच राख्ने तर अवसर र लगानीको अभावमा बिलाएर जाने धेरै मान्छे छन्। सार्वजनिक उद्यमशीलतालाई मदत गर्ने लक्ष्यले शुरु गरिएको चीनको यस इन्टरनेट टाउनमा स्टार्टअप कम्पनीहरुमार्फत मानिसहरूको ती विचारहरूलाई सहयोगी वातावरण प्राप्त हुन्छ।

Hangzhou’s Internet Dream Town Where Startup Companies are Born

There are many people with ideas that will change the world but are pulled down by lack of opportunities and investment. Created with the goal of helping public entrepreneurship and promote peoples innovation through internet startup companies, Hangzhou's Internet Dream Town offers a helpful environment for people to nurture those ideas.