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वन्यजन्तुको भविस्य हाम्रो हातमा

यो कविता कक्षा ८ कि छात्रा डोमा तामांगको रचना हो | उनी पिस नेपाल एकेडमीकी छात्रा हुन् |

मेरो आमा

यो कविता कक्षा ५ कि छात्रा संजु श्रेष्ठको रचना हो | उनी पिस नेपाल एकेडमीकी छात्रा हुन् |

Is Discipline necessary?

Is Discipline necessary? An essay submitted by Bandana Tamang Grade 6 of Peace Nepal Academy.

A Key to Success

A Key to Success, an essay by Shrijana Ghising Grade 9 from Peace Nepal Academy

The Magic Ring

How a poor man got wealth thanks to his compassion and generosity.

The Cunning Jackal

The jackal fooled everyone everyday. What happened to him when he got in trouble.

When A Donkey Cries, It Rains

Why does a donkey's tears bring rain?

The Miserly Man

When a miser didn't trust anyone and buried all his wealth in one place, he was punished by the King of Gods.