What Kind of Laptop Do You Need for School?

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What Kind of Laptop Do You Need for School?

The laptop you own as a student can make or break your academic path. How you study and how you engage with your education can be facilitated by owning the right laptop, as they have become such an integral part of the modern classroom. So, with such a lot riding on it, how do you know which kind of laptop will be best for your studies? This guide takes a look at some of the things you should consider before picking your school laptop, highlighting what’s important to search for and what’s not.

Shop Around

Shopping around may make things seem more overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. You can keep an open mind and try and use it as a practice exercise that is intended for research purposes and not to pressure yourself into making a purchase. You could start with these Lenovo School Laptops to get a good feel for what is available and what the various models and makes have to offer you. Given the smaller budget that students tend to have, you need to make sure that you’re getting the best for your money. That means investing a bit more to ensure that it lasts a bit longer and won’t break after the first semester.

Battery Life

If you take your laptop to campus with you, you don’t always have the option of charging it. Therefore, you are going to need to know that your battery will last the day, or at least the length of time that you are physically on site. Therefore, finding a battery life that can last four hours plus will be a major bonus for your studies and peace of mind. There’s nothing more stressful than a powered down device and a lack of charging options, especially when your learning is at stake. If it is an option budget wise, look for a better battery that can last upwards of six hours.

What is Your Study Niche?

Are you an artist or a historian? This is a fairly crucial distinction as what you study will ultimately dictate which kind of laptop will suit your specific requirements. For example, an art student who is designing a lot digitally and storing bigger files, such as media or audio, will need a much higher GB storage than an English major who would be mainly using the laptop to write essays. The design student will need to look for a more capable CPU and the English major won’t have the same consideration to factor in.


More often than not you will need some basic software on your laptop. This could be anti-virus software or subject specific programs. Regardless, if you look in the right places you can often find deals on said software that will help you along the way and save you some money upfront.

Hopefully these tips have steered you in the right direction to finding the perfect laptop for school. It is not a simple decision to make, but it doesn’t have to be a hard one!

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