Is Health Only Physical or Mental?

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Is Health Only Physical or Mental?

(Contributor: Ashish Shrestha)

Health is a varying term. Everyone has different views about health. Many people think that health is a condition in which someone is physically or mentally good, with the absence of any illness or diseases. The idea of health is not restricted to only the physical or mental condition of a human being, but is also considered to have a social aspect. So, health is a term that describes the physical or mental condition and also the social aspect of a human being. The idea about health is influenced by many factors like gender, wealth or financial status, culture, etc. For example, wealth manipulates the people about the understanding of health. This is because people who are financially stable tend to have access to private health facilities or advanced health care. So, many people think that wealthy people are healthier than the poor ones.

There is also a popular saying “Health is Wealth”. This saying states that health is only the wealth of people. One can only acquire wealth when someone is healthy. Healthier people can enjoy life and work hard to fulfill their dreams. People who are sick or ill cannot work properly and can’t enjoy their life. So, for acquiring wealth one should be healthy and only healthier person can work hard.

In our daily life, we can see many people who are wealthy but not healthy. Does this mean that the saying is wrong? Many people think that wealthier people are healthy as they can get advanced health care and facilities, and poor people are unhealthy. But we can see wealthier people unhealthy and poor people healthy. So, this means that wealth only can’t determine the health of a person. It’s also true that wealthier people can have hygienic food, exercise, balanced diet, etc. to properly maintain their health, which poor people will find very difficult to have. So, wealthier people can have a better health than the poor people.

To maintain the proper health, one must have hygienic food, daily exercise or yoga, meditation, proper rest and sleep and balanced diet. People should avoid unhygienic food, alcohol and other harmful foods. Those people who think that health is a condition of being free from illness or diseases, would have unhygienic food, drinks alcohols or smoke cigarettes which is unhealthy behavior.  

Health is a great treasure. It is the priceless blessing of our life. It is the source of all happiness in or life. Good health contributes to the emotional well-being and happiness of a person. A healthy person can work hard to fulfill their dreams and sing the glory of his life. He may be poor and have to work hard to earn wealth, but he will be happy. So, even with less or limited wealth, a person with sound health can lead a happy and enjoyable life.

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