ICT Training for Principals and Teachers in Kanchan Rural Municipality

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ICT Training for Principals and Teachers in Kanchan Rural Municipality

An ICT training has been conducted for teachers and principals at Haraiya Secondary School which was organized by Education, Youth & Sports division of Kanchan Rural Municipality.

The training was conducted on the leadership of the chairperson of Teachers' Parents Association of the School Mr. Yam Bdr. Chhetri and was inauguarated by the coordinator of Village Education Comittee Mr. Gokarna Bdr. Chhetri. He stated that such programs will help principals and teachers to become technology friendly and digitally literate. Also, he explained that every school  in Kanchan will be facilitated with new technology with coordination between the municipality and schools.

Education coordinator and ward 5 chairperson Mr. Krishna Psd. Adhikari urged teachers to be tech-friendly and use new and available technologies to raise above books and encouraged them to become updated on daily tech affairs in education throughout the world. He further added that this will increase the learning capacity of students.

According to education officer Mr. Ramesh Bhusal, this program was conducted to increase the competitive capacity of principals, teachers and students with the use of ICT in education. He further added that everyone related to education should at least have basic knowledge of computers and its various applications in the real world for education.

With 30 participants from community and private schools, the program was conducted by Mr. Narayan Poudel and Mr. Ramesh Bhusal, Mr. Narayan Sharma and Mr. Ishwori Gyawali were the trainers for the event.

Mr. Gyawali also trained the participants on using internet for education and utilizing nepalese local platforms like kullabs.com to find study materials, notes, questions answers and implement tests in the classrooms.

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