How to Write an Essay on a Book You Didn’t Read

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How to Write an Essay on a Book You Didn’t Read

Students are given a long list of books to read throughout the academic year and even on vacations on different subjects. Still, any ordinary student lacks the time and desire to swallow a ton of pages here and there when there is the possibility to spend time in a more interactive way. But when the time of book-based essay comes, the real troubles begin. Even if you haven’t read a book for your assignment and won’t manage to do it overnight, there is still no reason to freak out. Get a pen and your notebook and do thorough preparation for your essay writing using the following tips.

Watch an Adaptation

If there is a film or several cinematography creations adapted from a book you have to read, you’d better watch them all. This will save you from spending weeks reading several hundreds of pages, and you will only waste several hours on movies instead. Yet, you need to be very careful here. The main message of the book can be preserved in the film, but there is a high possibility that the film director changed some plot details or added a different ending. So, care to read a book summary as well so that you can find out differences before your professor guesses your tricks with movies. 

Use Your Class Notes

Class notes are a great source of information for your based-on-book essay. If you discuss the novel during class, you most likely have the plot, characters, and symbols explained by your professor. The only thing left is to paraphrase what is already said about the book and add some quotes from your own investigation. This way, your professor won’t get suspicious about your essay and knowledge of the book. 

Look for Summary Online

The deliberate method is to look for the book summary online. The only rule here is to use reliable resources here. As a result, you will not only find out easily about the plot of the book and its characters but also about symbols, historical background, and text analysis from all possible points of view.

Another way to encounter help online is to use a trustworthy research paper writing service. The professional writers will generate a topic, a thesis, or create a whole essay per your request.

Go Through Introduction and Conclusion

Still, in case you intend to write an essay on your own, but without spending weeks on a book, there is another good way to cope with the task. Read introduction and conclusion, or the first and the last chapter. This way, you will easily grab the main idea the author wanted to convey with the book and feel the atmosphere and style of the text by reading a dozen or two pages only.

Fish Out Quotes

The definite way to persuade your professor that you have read the book indeed is to enrich your essay with quotes. It doesn’t mean that you need to insert quotations every two sentences. But it would be smart to base your three main arguments on three supporting quotes from the book.

Where to get the quotes if the book has several hundred pages of text without reading them all? That can be even easier than you think. If you read the summary from the Internet, note the quotes and their pages. This way, you can go to the very same page and pick out any other suitable quote from the same context. Remember to back the quotes with your own opinion and analysis, and you will have a good quality essay in the end. 

Talk to Your Peers

Another good strategy is to discuss the book with the peers who have read it. Still, it is better when you appear to have read the book as well so that your friends don’t get offended that you are using them. So, read the summary in advance and have your own answer ready for the things you are going to ask them about. Then you can discuss the overall message of the novel, favorite episodes or crucial events, and the character’s behavior ( This will enable you to gather different opinions, deeper analysis, back it up with the quotes, and use it all later for your essay. 

Final Thoughts

Writing an essay on a book is possible even if you haven’t read a single page of it. Still, you will need to take care of it in advance a little bit. Gather all possible information from reliable sources on the Internet, discuss details with your classmates, get the use from the professor’s lecture, and add some meaningful quotes to your essay obligatory. All the mentioned components will enable you to create qualitative content and persuade your professor that you have read the assigned book fully. 

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