How To Create A Long Term Beneficial Relationship With Your Customers

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How To Create A Long Term Beneficial Relationship With Your Customers

Customers are the most important part of any business. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what kinds of products or services you sell, if you do not have the customers, then you are not making sales. Personally, I would say that you do not bother starting a business if you do not know anything about customer relationships. Why invest in it when you won’t have turnovers? There is a saying that customers are always right. Personalization and engagement are key in turning a potential customer into a patronising one. Knowing how to build long-term relationships with your customers is the sure way to continuity and productivity of your business. Let’s look at how.


The rule of engagement


If you have been into a business that renders services or sells some products to customers, you would have already known how difficult it is to win a new customer let alone keep them for long. You have to understand that whoever pays for your products today, has the power to decide whether to come to you again or go to some other seller of a replica of your product or service. So, what should you do differently from others?


Engage them regularly but make sure you don’t become a pest to them. Through your website, email messaging and social media posts, make sure you are engaging them regularly. There is a digital tool that helps businesses personalise their interactions with customers. It is called Hull. With this software, you can make it look like a one-on-one relationship with every customer of yours. This will make them connect with the business themselves and keep coming.


Customer service is key


Like I said earlier, sometimes you get to keep a customer long-term when you do something positively different from your other competitors. How do you welcome your customers when they come visiting? Your decorum matters a lot to them. They may not be psychology majors, but they will be able to tell easily if you do not look happy seeing them around. If there is some other place where the customer is received with a smile and asked how his or her day is going, who do you think has won this one over?


A business owner needs to make the company’s employees know that customers are responsible for their salaries and so should be treated with the utmost respect. It shouldn’t matter how much in goods they are buying. You have to be polite to them on the phone, make sure your business’ contact numbers are always available, and someone is always there to answer their calls. Quick responses to emails, text messages and messages on other reach-out platforms are very important to keep your customer for long.




Put their informational needs first


Yes, we can understand the excitement when you win a customer to do business with you for the first time. It is however not the time to start bombarding the customer with myriads of messages every day about sales. You can engage them but it shouldn’t be a burden. Some customers do not even like the messages at all and some politely let you know. Now, you may not be sure if they will remember you when next they need to buy the same product, but you can be certain that the customer won’t come back if you do not accede to his or her request.


Instead of the incessant messages, you can provide them with real value by using educational content to help them learn more about a topic that is important to both of you. The use of graphics, videos, and tutorials is a great way to make your customer learn about what you have to offer. Even these educational contents shouldn’t be too frequent. This will be value-added for them and they will always come back.


Establish trust


This is the area where most businesses lose it. Imagine that a customer places an order and you do not have the items in stock. Going on to process the order without letting the customer know that it may be arriving late is one thing customers loathe. I, for example, will not go back to that online store. What the company fails to understand is that the customers may not have a problem with waiting, but would appreciate it if they were told beforehand. If you wish to keep your customers long-term, they need to be able to trust your services. This is especially important for your international expansion strategy if you are thinking of sprouting more branches of your business globally. In order to do so, you can consider outsourcing the recruiting process to an EOR so that someone else will manage the payment and many other operations concerning human resources, something that will result in both better global growth and establish trust.


Appreciate loyal customers


Appreciating your loyal customers is the best way to maintain good relationships. Loyal people who purchase from you regularly and recommend their friends, family members, or social media followers will be like assets for business because they improve brand image by word of mouth! Businesses do not forget to reward their loyal customers with incentives. Showing appreciation can be as simple and inexpensive for you as offering discounts or free products, but it's best done through more creative methods such as early access programs where they give something exclusive only accessible by those who've proven themselves over time or co-browsing which means two users can view the same product at once without any extra charge - just one big win here!


Why packaging is important in online sales


If you are running an eCommerce business then packaging is an important part of the product. Packaging not only affects how customers view you but also their perception of what to expect with each purchase made in your store or website

Premium packages make consumers feel like they are getting better quality service and products from companies. A positive reaction generated through great presentation will most likely result in more opportunities for potential buyers down the line. They might even recommend it themselves! For better product packaging in the cannabis industry, for example, consider sustainable and child-resistant cannabis packaging since this would lead towards product excellence.



Seek feedback and respond to them immediately


Getting the opinion of your customers about your services is one way to make them feel inclusive in your business. It is more like telling them they are the bosses and so should tell you what you need to improve upon. Get frequent feedback from them and make sure that they notice changes for something they are concerned about. If you need to change an employee’s desk to atone for some dissatisfaction from some of your customers, do. Better that than not being able to pay the employee’s salary because sales have dropped due to the dissatisfaction.





It is vital to have a customer-focused business. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or how products or services that your company provides, if there's no one for them to serve then all of the hard work will go wasted.  So if building relationships means more than anything else in this world for me as well--why would I bother investing in one without knowing how to properly care for it or engage with potential clients!


Achieving customer retention is the key to a business's success. Personalising and engaging with your potential customers can turn them into loyal patrons of yours for years, ensuring that they return again in future purchases or visits - making sure there are more long-term relationships than quick turnover events at work!

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