Asteroid Day Nepal

From Kathmandu "Asteroid Day" is fixed at NAST... This is organized by Nepal Astronomical Society.

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Using Technology to Transform The Human Body

She imagines ways to merge biology and technology in our own bodies while working on a merging that can be normal in the future. Her designs vary from clothes that recreate the body’s insides, to a pill when swallowed, lets you sweat perfume.

कपालमा अड्डिने विश्वको सबैभन्दा सानो मानव मूर्तिकला कसरि सम्भव भयो त?

हामीले बसन्तपुर र अरु दरबार स्क्वायर र गिफ्ट पसलहरु हरुमा सानो सानो सामानहरु महंगोमा बिकेको देखेका छौं। विश्वमा यस्ता पनि मान्छे पनि छन् जसले संसारकै सबैभन्दा सानो मूर्तिकला बनाउँछन्, र यसका लागि Guinness Book of World Records मा नाम लेखाएका छन्।

World's Smallest Human Sculpture That Can Sit on a Human Hair

We have seen miniature sculpture sell for big money in the market around our Durbar Squares and gift shops. There are people who create the smallest human sculpture in the world, and have written names on the Guinness Book of World Records for these.