A to Z Guide on Choosing a Plagiarism Checker for Students

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A to Z Guide on Choosing a Plagiarism Checker for Students
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Plagiarism is something that all students are trying to avoid. This is because it comes with severe consequences for their academic progress. Universities and teachers do not tolerate plagiarism, even though sometimes it can be unintentional. Some students plagiarize for a purpose and the reasons are diverse. But plagiarism can also be unintentional. In these cases, students do not organize the sources they read, do not take notes, and are always in a rush to write their essay, and so on.


And when all the information you have read is chaotically organized, presenting someone else’s ideas as your own can sometimes happen. However, there are a few tips and tricks that could help any student avoid plagiarism in their written pieces. Keeping the sources you read organized, citing appropriately, indicating the sources you have used, and so on.


And we should not forget about using plagiarism checking tools that can identify the plagiarized parts of an essay. But when there are so many tools you can choose from, how do you choose the one right for you? Here is an A-to-Z guide on choosing a plagiarism checker for students that will, hopefully, be of huge help.


Choosing the best plagiarism checker


Avoiding plagiarism is something that must be done at all costs. The consequences depend on the internal policy of every university and college, but they are pretty similar. Expulsion and suspension are among the most common effects of plagiarizing. And these put your academic progress in jeopardy. Student papers are usually complex and challenging and due to stress, students can lose from sight the sources they consult for writing the papers. Speaking from myself, I recommend any student to get the help of Edubirdie’s experts to fix plagiarism,. They can check my essay for plagiarism. Proofreading and editing are some of the services they offer and that can fix plagiarism for you.


Comparing Sources


One of the most important aspects that will help you make a good decision regarding the best plagiarism checking tool for students is the sources it uses. It is important to get a report from your plagiarism checker that you can rely on. There are many scam plagiarism checking tools that compare your text only to some sources, which may not give you an appropriate and reliable report.


So, before using a plagiarism checker, make sure you check how it works. How many sources does your text compare to? There should be an extensive number of sources and publications so that you deliver a plagiarism-free paper.


User-Friendly and Intuitive


When you are stressed and overwhelmed by the huge amount of tasks you need to write, it is easy to make mistakes, lose important aspects from sight, and plagiarize. Disorganization is the main mistake that leads to plagiarism. But thankfully, technology has evolved tremendously and nowadays you have many tools to choose from that could ease your life.


And a plagiarism checking tool is exactly what students need. Another factor to analyze that will help you choose the best plagiarism checker is how the interface is built. The interface has to be user-friendly and easy to use. It needs to work smoothly and check your paper for plagiarism in a matter of minutes, not hours.




Even though technological advancements offer the best opportunities for those who want to create awesome and helpful tools, not all are so performant. This is because some plagiarism tools do not do such an extensive check and comparison on your paper and the web. At the same time, some of them might use outdated software that does not recognize your citation.


Because citation and paraphrasing are some of the tricks that help you avoid plagiarism, these tools need to be able to recognize it and not report it as plagiarism. This is very important to all students as false or misleading reports from tools that check your paper for plagiarism might make you edit your essay. These editings, if you do not have an accurate report, may alter the vibe and idea of your paper. So, it is important to gather information and test multiple plagiarism checkers to make sure you use the latest updated one.




Every plagiarism checking tool uses the same methodology. You need to upload your text and then the tool will compare it with billions of websites and online sources. In the end, you get a detailed report that highlights the plagiarized parts so that you can change them to avoid plagiarism.


However, it is important to make sure that the tool you use does not only compare your text with others found on other websites. There are a lot of forums and websites where the information is uploaded in a different format. Not all information is available through blog articles, but doc, pdf, and other formats as well. It is therefore important to check if the tool you want to use can check multiple formats.




Plagiarism is something that must be avoided at all costs because it is not ethical or moral. However, it sometimes happens for students to include plagiarized ideas in their papers. This is because they might not keep their notes and sources organized. Thankfully, technology has evolved tremendously and nowadays there are many tools you can use to make your student life easier. And a plagiarism checking tool is included here too. Make sure you choose the right one. The one that gives you accurate reports, that compare your text with billions found online, including ones in different formats.


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