About Kul Labs

We believe that Knowledge and Experience are the two major factors that creates a knowledgeable person. Kul Techno Lab and Research Center is comprised of a bunch of young minds from diverse backgrounds that follow the same dream of creating a fusion between education and technology. Our aim is to create a digital platform for both the teachers and students that can motivate creativity and be a free source of knowledge. This platform will provide every individual the freedom to choose how, what and where one wants to learn. We are working towards enhancing the education system by nurturing one's creativity to employ their knowledge in the practical world. Through this platform, every individual can become an active learner at their own pace and without any pressure of competition or time confinement. Every individual has the right to education and we want to see the same being practiced. We believe in building an education system that breaks boundaries of money, geography or any other disability.

Our vision:

KulLabs Team

Adhip Poudyal ( Founder, Executive Director)

With a zeal resolution of changing the education system of Nepal and creating a digital platform to learn and teach, Adhip started this project with a bunch of friends and family. With ups and downs in the company, he has been the sole strength that has driven kullabs.com to what it is today. He leads the team with his understanding nature and is a follower of moral ethics. He functions as the brain and soul of the company whithout whom the company would be lifeless.

Rajesh Magar (Director)

A father who kept searching for better educational contents for his child got a right path when he found about kulllabs.com. He dreams of a society where no child has to be physically ad mentally tortured with heavy bags of books.

Adarsha Chaulagain (Director)

An enthusiastic MBA graduate who wishes to utilize his expertise in the field of education and technology. His knowledge is utilized in the overall management of the organization.

Sudil Joshi

Mr. Joshi had been with us since we started this journey. His belief in our work led him to invest some amount of money to support our digital learning platform. Currently, as a board member his ideas on digital marketing and workforce deployment is very helpful for the team.

Pawan Neupane

Mr. Neupane is another young board member in the team. Though he is busy with his own venture completely different than e-learning. He invested in Kul Labs for the broader vision of e-learning in Nepal.