• The act of writing the decisions in a minute book drawn from the meeting is known as ______.

    drafting a tippani
    sending a minute
    drafting a minute
    drafting a report
  • Minute should record the ______.

    type of meeting
    all the options are correct
  • The act of confirming the decisions made in the meeting by obtaining the signatures of all the members in the minute book is called ______.

    endorsement of the minute
    endorsement of report
    endorsement of the tippani
    endorsement of book-keeping
  • A seminar refers to the gathering of the ______ on a particular subject or are to share opinions and make discussions.

    all the options are correct
    noone of the options are correct
  • Which one of them is the importance of seminar?

    It helps the management for preparing the plans and policies and implementing them into practice.
    It acts an aid to memory of the decision drawn in the meeting in the past.
    It makes the decisions of the meeting authentic and valid.
    All the options are correct
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