• Bank reconciliation statement is prepared under ______.

    AGF no. 9
    AGF no. 15
    AGF no. 05
    AGF no. 14
  • The statement prepared by operating level office to reconcile the balance of bank cash book or pass book is known as ______.

    budget sheet
    trial balance
    bank reconciliation statement
    balance sheet
  • All the government transactions are done through ______.

    Office of the Treasury and Comptroller General
    Ministry of Finance
  • Bank reconciliation statement is also known as ______.

    AGF no. 14
    AGF no. 15
    AGF no. 05
    AGF no. 9
  • Which one of them is the objective of bank reconciliation statement?

    All the options are correct
    To compare the entries made in the bank cash book and the bank statement to ensure the accuracy of the record of banking transactions.
    To report the balances of the bank statement and the bank cash book on a given date.
    To report the reasons of differences in the balances between the bank statement and bank cash book.
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