• Which one them is the objective of monthly statement?

    To help for estimating budget and making financial decisions.
    To help to evaluate the expenditures, performance, progress, achievement and weaknesses of the government offices and projects.
    All the options are correct.
    To help to keep effective control on budget expenditures of each operating level offices.
  • Monthly statements are prepared by the operating level offices at the ______.

    end of every year
    end of every month
    beginning of every month
    end of every week
  • Monthly statements are prepared to ______.

    disclose the status of fund
    disclose advance transactions
    all the options are correct
    disclose the budget expenditure
  • The monthly statement does not include ______.

    bank reconciliation statement
    final accounts
    statement of expenditure
    statement of outstanding advance
  • What is the AGF No. of Monthly Statement?

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