Note on Creating HTML File with Notepad, and Some Important Tags

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How to create HTML file with notepad

HTML has not its own text editor and working environment like others programs so we have to use the separate text editor. Start notepad and type the HTML tags to prepare the webpage.

Start> All programs> Accessories> Notepad


Type HTML tags on the notepad system. Notepad system creates a text file which has extension name .txt. So to make a webpage you have to save file with extension HTML.

  • Click on File> Save As to open the file-save-as dialog box.
  • Type the file name with extension name .HTML like text.html and save it. View it on the web browser like Internet explorer.

Skeleton of HTML

HTML is a tag based scripting language. The skeleton is its basic structure without it, it cannot be constructed. The minimum requirement for HTML designing and its position in document can be discussed here. The < HTML>and < /HTML> tags are the backbone or main point on which other tags are located. All the elements of HTML is written within < HTML >. We place following tags:< /HTML >

< HTML >
< HEAD > ... < /HEAD >
< TITLE> ... : written within < HEAD> tags.
< BODY>.... < /BODY >
< /HTML >

The is the main body of HTML documents in which applet, multimedia, link and several other elements are placed. We can say that the HTML document has document has following two important sections:

  • HEAD section
  • BODY section

HEAD section contains TITLE. A BODY section contains APPLET section and many other sections.

The TEXT BGCOLOR, BACKGROUND, LINK, VLINK, ALINK are attributes of tags. The TEXT attribute is used to control text color, BGCOLOR is used for background color, BACKGROUND is used for wall-paper (background image) and LINK, VLINK and ALINK are used anchor text color.

Some Important Tags

These tags are usually used in every wed document. The concept of test tags is basic requirements for any web programmers.

Formatting tags are used to make attractive web page. These tags are called formatting tags. Formatting tags are used to format characters, words or a paragraph.

Hn (Header)

The Header of HTML documents is controlled by < HN> and TAGS. The value of n ranges from 1 to 6. The largest size of header and H6 is smallest of all.

< HN > ...< /HN >
where N = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Header alignment is also used. Header is aligned to left by default, but it can be aligned center, right or justify.

P (Paragraph)

It is used to move cursor in new line leaving blank space. It is used in the beginning of text. In the way, it is used to separate different paragraph.
< P > ... < / P >

BR (Break)

This tag moves the cursor in new line without leaving blank spaces.

Line Break Option Atlantic Bookstore < BR >
Computer Science for School Line Break < BR >

HR (Horizontal Ruler)

It is used to draw horizontal line to separate section. Its attributes are:

Color: color name
Size: number

< HR SIZE = "6" COLOR = "RED" > : It draws 6 pixels thick red line.
< CENTER > --- < /CENTER >
< CENTER > is used to place text in central position. The text written within
< CENTER > and < CENTER > is aligned to the central part of document.
Grammar : < CENTER > --- < / CENTER >

  • HTML has not its own text editor and working environment like others programs so we have to use the separate text editor.
  • The skeleton is its basic structure without it, it cannot be constructed.
  • These tags are usually used in every wed document.

Very Short Questions

Hyperlink is to link to other web page, the section of the same web pages or website. The <A> tag is used to link web pages.

  1. Internal Link: HTML supports linking from one part to other part in the same document, which is called internal link.
  2. External link: Linking from one web page to other page is called external link.

Table element is used to create table in HTML document. To create table <Table> container tag is use.

The attributes of table elements are width, border, cell spacing, bgcolor, align, cell padding, etc.

<TH> is to be used for table headers. The table cells are typically found at the top of the table or along the side. They are used to define what the content below or beside them is.
The <TD> tag creates table cells within a table row in an HTML table. It may contain text, images, links, etc.

The <FRAME SET> tag is used to define number for frames to be created in single window.

The basic HTML document tags are <HTML>, <HEAD> and <BODY>.

HTML supports six different heading levels from <H1> to <H6>.

<FONT> tag is used to define the font name, size of font and color. Its attributes are FACE, SIZE and COLOR.

<TH> element is used to specify the table headings.

Attributes of the <BODY> tag are bgcolor, Background, Text, Link, Vlink and Alink.

  1. <U> - It underlines the text.
  2. <BR> - It beaks the line.
  3. <A>- It creates the link in the web page.
  4. <HR> - It creates horizontal ruler.

  • Which  is the correct HTML tag for inserting a line break?

    < p>
    < br >
  • The attribute used to choose the type of font in HTML is ________

  • The < b r> tag adds what to your webpage?

    Line break
    Little bubbles
    Short break
    Long break
  • Tags and text that do not show directly on the page are placed in ________.

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