Note on Concept and Classification of Buyers Motives

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Concept of Buyers Motive


The causes and factors which stimulate consumers to buy certain goods or services are called buying motives. There are different kinds of consumers so, their wants and needs are also different. They buy goods and services to satisfy their needs.

According to Prof. DJ Duncan, "Buying motives are those influence or consideration which provide the impulse to buy induced action or determine choice in the purchase of goods or services".

The four importances of buying motives are as follows:

  1. Emotional Motives
  2. Prestige Motives
  3. Rational Motives
  4. Patronage Motive

Emotional Motives

Emotional motive includes:

  • Fear:

People spend on the insurance policy, bank deposit, bank lockers, medicine, weapons etc. to be safe from fear to death,bad health poverty, loss of property etc. fear is a very strong emotion which motivates people to buy goods and services which in turn helps to minimize fear.

  • Love and affection:

The living being or human being they love other members of the family and society and also want to be loved by other. They buy different things such as dolls, dress, things to eat and so on for their children, relatives, neighbors etc.

  • Curiosity:

People are naturally curious. They like to see, use and experience new things. They are attracted towards newly introduced goods or services.

  • Fashion:

People buy goods or services due to new fashion available in the market. They buy clothes, furniture, ornaments, perfumes, different makeup goods, shoes and so on to imitate others fashion.

Prestige Motives

Prestige Motive can be divided into following types:

  • Vanity:

Want of praise from others is prestige, pride or vanity. People buy goods and services to show other to be rich, strong, powerful etc. As a result, they can be recognized easily and praised by others.

  • Pride:

Pride is such a desire of consumers which protects and promotes their ego ,self-image. Our society is a class based society that is divided into high class, middle class, and low class.

  • Emulation:

Some motive of buying goods is called Emulation motive. It is important buying motive. According to this motive, buyers purchase better goods or services than his/her competitors.

Rational Motives

Rational motives can be divided into following types:

  • Profitability motive:

People wants to buy goods or services if they are available at lower price. Due to this, they visit different shop. And where they find goods at a cheaper rate they buy there. Such buying motive of a customer is called profitability buying motive.

  • Health:

Each person cares for their physical and mental health , every person buys as far as possible, healthy foods, pure drinking water, medicines, materials for physical exercise, shoes for a morning walk, suit etc.People buy goods considering their health .

  • Security:

They buy different goods and services for personal security as well as property security so they purchase life insurance policy and security of the life. All these motives for purchasing goods and services are called buying motives.

  • Utility:

Consumers buy necessary goods and services to get utility and satisfaction from them. They visit many shops seeking to buy comparatively satisfactory goods. So, they become ready to spend money on the kind of goods which can satisfy the need of their own and their own family.

Patronage Motives

Patronage motives can be divided into following types:

  • Brand Loyalty:

If any customers buy only certain brand repeatedly this is called brand loyalty of the customers. This indicates that the consumer is fully satisfied with the goods or services.

  • Store loyalty:

If any customers buy from the same shop for a long time, this is called store loyalty of customers .Comfortable place, lower price, quality goods, quality services, reputation of shop and seller etc. develop loyalty in customers to the retail store.

Other motives of buyers are:

Location Motive

If the buyer buys the goods and services from the nearest store from their residence or from the place which is suitable for them then that is called location motive.

Quality Motive

If the buyers buy goods and services being affected by its quality then it is called quality motive. For example,we guarantee price back, we guarantee every product we sell.

Service Motive

If the buyers goods are being affected by the services provided by the sellers than it is called service motive. Home delivery service,sales on credit,free installation etc are the examples of service motive.


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  1. The causes and factors which stimulate consumers to buy certain goods or services are called buying motives.
  2. Some motive of buying goods is called Emulation motive.
  3. People wants to buy goods or services if they are available at lower price. 

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